Zephirah’s Adventure: Change Is Good!

wowscrnshot8-e1536273839434.jpgIf you have been reading the blog for a while you know that I have been playing my main toon, a priest, since Cataclysm.

Let’s talk boys and girls. Yes, about your main toon. Is it time to change? If so, what class? Honestly, I have no idea. I know that I have a lofty goal to have all classes and races to max by the end of the expansion. That may have been a mistake.

A goal is a goal though and I fully intend to stick to it. It is weird place to be in. Basically, at this point I am with out a main at the moment and dont know what I want to level next.

Weird right?

Change can be good. I know I can figure this out.


MMeh: Warcraft, ilvl & You.

IWoWScrnShot_090218_011625 dont know when the whole item level idea switched again or bringing just the item level instead of the person actually playing a class they enjoy.

It seems like with Azurite gear and the item squish Blizzard made a mistake. A huge one. I am sure not the only one who has felt his way and it was pointed out in the last Q&A with Ion. Not only are we as players not getting the stats we need but the stats are so janky that I cant seem to play a priest and even be close to as strong as I feel like my character should be. Priest need haste for shadow and attaining it is a little lack luster.

I do not know if playing the class I have come to enjoy is even worth the trouble anymore due to it. All that players seem to be looking for is the one number that could help them get through a heroic 5 man instance, item level.

I know I sound like I am complaining but I should not feel like when I am out in the world like I can only ever pull one mob and die three out of the five times because my gear does not have the correct amount of Critical Strike and haste to keep my head above water. I am not asking them to pass out gear like they did with last expansion or any other time but I know this does not feel very good now. I honestly dont think that I will be strong enough as a shadow priest this raid tier at all because of the haste situation. I also know that I can not just wait around to let my character collect dust either.

I know I can fix it. It will just take me a long time. It just does not feel very good. It is not motivating me enough to even want to try as much as I did previously. I will try though. Azurite gear is starting to feel like the legendary’s from last expansion. Weather to a different character or to another game entirely?

I hate feeling this way about a game that I have played for a long time. I know what Blizzard was trying to do as unsuccessful as it seems at the current moment. There is not a lot we can do about it either. Weather Blizzard or us as players. I know I sound overly critical and it is intended to be that way because I know Blizzard can and has done better then this.

I just have to suck it up and make the most of it or move on. I, currently, am going to continue to at least try for now.

Warcraft: Holy Item Level Batman!

Zeph WhiteAs of Saturday evening my priest now can que for heroic’s. That only took forever.

Holy crap, I did not think it would be that hard to get there or that it would take me that long. RNG must really not like me thus far into the expansion.

Oh well! I am at least the minimum for heroic’s and will more then likely ready within the 325 to 330 item level range before I enter the raid on Tuesday. I dont want to sound like I am complaining however, this is going to be a goal that is going to be a good one to get to.

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Feature Friday: Eyes Of The Beast!

250px-hunter_crestEyes Of The Beast is one of the prettiest blogs that I have been to in a while. It is also informative if you are a hunter.

There is a bunch of Hunter news, guides, pets, transmog, and anything else related to the class is featured on the blog. The blog is written and maintained by a dwarven hunter named Bendak. He’s been playing his hunter for 13+ years and his alts. He also had some articles featured on WoWhead and is a cohost of “The Hunting Party” podcast.

If you have not yet had the chance to take a loot at the blog, visit it here: http://eyesofthebeast.com/

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Warcraft: Last Week Of Legion!

Not all expansions are created equal. Each has their own issues and good parts to them. With that being stated, Legion has been one of the better expansion experiences that I have had.

Not sure if I would put it at number one but at least it was a solid experience.

I also know that I have mixed feelings going into the next expansion for a couple of reasons. I am sure some of my worries or things I have on a list that are a cause for a concern are going to work out better then what I expect. I have to give the Battle For Azeroth expansion more of a chance before I go full tilt nerd rage on it. Let’s face it – with all the drama already surrounding it up until this point has been a shit show.


I dont want to be one of those guys or gals that complain without knowing what the hell I am talking about or even before I see it and have a chance to test it out on live. Criticism is only good if it is constructive.

Even with the mix of emotions that I have, I am looking forward to Battle For Azeroth and will have mostly fond memories of Legion. I wanted to take the time for everyone at Blizzard for doing a good job up until this point and I will see the rest of you on the flip side of the expansion launch!


Warcraft: Sylvanas


Warning: This post will have spoilers. This post will also have opinions. My opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Blizzard Entertainment. World of Warcraft and terms, concepts, images, logos, and other materials related to it are trademarked and is copyrighted to Blizzard Entertainment. No Copyright Infringement Intended!

Sylvanas Windrunner is one of the most iconic characters of the Warcraft franchise.

She, before getting stabbed by Arthas’s Frostmourn and becoming the Banshee queen, was the epic Ranger that protected her people. With the loss of her own life while seeing the loss of woman and children in front of her very eyes had lead her to a reckless abandonment of all hope with in her.

As Captain Delanryn Summermoon lays dying, she cries and mourns for the Dark Lady. She indicates that she is not only fighting a war that she has the potential to lose on Azeroth but will always loose when it comes to hope. She could slay the entirety of the alliance forces but hope never dies.

Sylvanas did a plethora of horrific things since she was pierced by Froustmourn – not just ordering the burning down of the world tree.

The other thing that I wanted to touch on is that the Horde as a whole works on honor and we seen a few brief moments of that between Malfurian and Saurfang via the Warbringers animated short and the in game cinimatic’s.

The major thing is that War – in no matter what package it comes in – can and has been known to kill, claim a lot of life’s, and have its own set of villains. Sylvanas has and will forever be known on some level as a villain due to the curse that has taken her over.

Zephirah and her story is allowing her to no longer pledge any allegiance to any faction but to herself and her people.

Just as a side note here, the dark lady is in fact out of her mind. We knew that something was on its way and we were waiting for her to do the unspeakable. She will eventually meet her end. Sylvanas may be the Warchief but she does not express what the horde as a whole want’s or needs. We know that the horde stands for honor even if we have pledged our allegiance to the Alliance.

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Warcraft: Mobile Armory!


Yes, the way blizzard had made their statement about the Mobile Armory app is weird.

It says in the title that they are ending the support of the app as of July 11th, and they will be transitioning away from the current app.

So that leaves a few unanswered questions like, “Will the app still be functioning on and beyond the 11th of July?” or “Will the app go away on the 11th?”

I am sure they will update us on the questions soon, and as they say in their post – Stay tuned for more information.

You can read the blue post here!