Book Of The Month: The Girl On The Train

The_Girl_on_the_TrainThe Girl On The Train is a psychological thriller novel by author Paula Hawkins that was released on January 13, 2015. The story is a first-person narrative told from the point of view of three women. Rachel Watson is a 32-year-old alcoholic, Anna is young stay-at-home mother, and Megan Hipwell who has a troubled past and who lives down the street.

The film rights for the novel were acquired in March 2014 by DreamWorks Pictures, that was released on September 20, 2016.

I was looking to read something to read for April and ran into a few ideas. For this month I had decided to grab the audio book via my local library’s app on my iPad. I have read a bunch of reviews that were incredibly positive. I will watch the film after I listen to the book.

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