Warcraft Wednesday: 8.1 Drop!

So, I spent most of my time logged in to Warcraft today doing island expedition’s, World Quest, and leveling up a hunter alt.

It was nothing to fancy but it seems like leveling seems to be going quickly.

I am not sure what is pushing me to level up a hunter other than I haven’t had the class at max level. Otherwise, Warcraft today for me seemed to be very uneventful.

Funny thing is, the hunter is a gnome. Nothing particularly interesting other then mechanical pets. At this point I’m just doing the leveling up thing until the next raid teir is available for us middle of next month.

I don’t think we have spent enough time with the new patch for me to formulate a full opinion on it.

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Warcraft: Virtual Ticket Shenanigans?

blizzcon-logo-og-39036eb778a980553e0d9aedc668c1b6ca825e46cb8c1d1b30cfe95e4e2918fcc0fd69e17666353c3f6c29541275f18ee8b2a5835bde018693283f4d05702142Blizzard recently let us know about the rewards for this year’s Blizzcon Virtual Ticket!

To be honest, the rewards are underwhelming. They are banners and cloaks. Some are upset due to what the rewards are and I can understand. In a recent stream, Panzer aka Trade Chat made a few good points that I wanted to highlight.

First of all, the reward’s are a bonus item that we receive as part of the virtual ticket sale in World Of Warcraft and other games under the Blizzard umbrella. We are actually spending the money for all of the panels, equipment used, and to pay people that are manning that equipment for their time. I know a lot of people think that they are missing out on the collectibles. Honestly, these in game goodies are not ideal but not the worst things in the world. There are so many various things out there in game right now that I still need to farm, so missing these items will not make or break the Blizzcon experience for me. However, there are others that view the lack of items as being a slap in the face. To have the classic play test being a part of it seems like that is what the extra ten dollars that people are paying for. Honestly, not everyone is into that idea and I do not blame them for feeling that way. They are separate things and should probably stay that way.

Panzer also mentioned that not all players will be into this and with the player’s email being attached to their accounts with the classic announcement is how we would know if the player has interest in classic or not.

This year for me, I know it is not really worth the value but spending the fifty dollars that I have saved on game time, card backs, or a mount or two on the store for World Of Warcraft would be the better bet. That is just a personal preference. Not that anyone spending the cash on the virtual ticket is a bad thing. If anything, I am glad that it is going to Blizzard rather then some crazy site that will just scam you out of the cash. Also, I just figure that fan site’s like wowhead, Blizzard Watch, Blizzpro and a plethora of podcast would fill out the news for me that will save me the money to put elsewhere.

I know that Panzer was a little salty and cursed a lot; however, if you get past the angry part and actually listen to what she had to say it made a lot of common sense.

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Zephirah’s Adventure: Change Is Good!

wowscrnshot8-e1536273839434.jpgIf you have been reading the blog for a while you know that I have been playing my main toon, a priest, since Cataclysm.

Let’s talk boys and girls. Yes, about your main toon. Is it time to change? If so, what class? Honestly, I have no idea. I know that I have a lofty goal to have all classes and races to max by the end of the expansion. That may have been a mistake.

A goal is a goal though and I fully intend to stick to it. It is weird place to be in. Basically, at this point I am with out a main at the moment and dont know what I want to level next.

Weird right?

Change can be good. I know I can figure this out.

Data-mine Overload: Battle For Azeroth!

bfawowIn the last few days there has been a bunch of new information for the upcoming expansion, Battle For Azeroth, that it is making my head spin. Not that I am not enjoying the steady flow of information; however, it is a lot.

Just so you know, if you would like to remain spoiler free, stop here. I am going to be linking to post on wowhead and there will be things you may not want to read. For the rest of you that do not care and want all the spoilers, you are in the right place!

So, lets start with that the 8.01 patch is now live on Blizzard’s server. That was confirmed by wowhead, to see their article , click here! They also data mined new maps, icons, models, achievements, spell changes, Allied race information, & music. Wowhead has a whole section based on it with a banner on top of their page. I think I am the most excited for the mounts, that you can read about here, because I am a collector of all the things!

Also, the live Q&A was on Tuesday, please visit the Blizzard page to see the video if you are interested!


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