Zephirah’s Adventure, Episode 6: Blessings of Kings, Royal Ruckus, Mounts & BFA Launch!


Zephaniah’s Adventure Podcast: Episode 6 Show Notes June 13, 2018

Music used in this episode:

“Division”,  “Alchemists Tower” & “Alien Restaurant”

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Blessings of KingsFeatured Blog Of The Week: Blessings of Kings






Royal RuckusYour WoW Soundtrack, Part 7: Royal Ruckus!





WoW / Blizzard News:


bfa release day map


Shout Outs:

The Cast of “Critical Role”, Perky Pugs, St Jude

You’r WoW Soundtrack, Part 7: Royal Ruckus!

Royal RuckusA couple years ago, Royal Ruckus was on an “Evacuation” tour in coffee shops. The coffee shop here in my area is a real hole in the wall place, with really great coffee – and it was promised to be a banging show.

So, I go to the counter, order an iced coffee – as per usual french vanilla – and for the nice lady to make a cappuccino and deliver it 15 or so minuets later.

Mike, one of the duo from Royal Ruckus, was chilling out on the couch while drinking a mocha frappuccino, talking to the other people that just so happened to be there for the show.

With each song, I became more and more interested. Every song has a story behind it. They now will forever be engraved into my raid listening experience.

Band’s web page: https://summerofthecicadas.com/

Royal Ruckus Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHDnmVEZu3BqIJI5yFZ4HQQ

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