Community Spotlight: Lady Emma!

ladyemma.jpg1 You have made an appearance on several different podcast’s, how did you get started with podcasting?

I met Degi who frequently guest on ATA (All Things Azeroth), also a host for one of the Dawnforge productions. He introduced me to Medros, the host of ATA, and we got along, and asked me to guest on a shows. Had an amazing time and I just wanted to keep continuing. I did become a co-host for a year. I left on good terms and I’m always happy to be a guest on Ata

I was also a co host on “Across the Whoniverse” with Medros as host and Bullet Catcher as co host. With few random guest. It was all about Doctor who. I think the main issue was scheduling. The show was never live but trying to find a day that work for everyone wasn’t easy.

I’ve also been on the darkmoon and Harold as a guest for a few shows. It’s one of the most fun shows to be on. They are very up beat and feels like a game show. You just can’t help to smile and be full of energy.

I’ve also did an episode of “World of Warcraft well read” which is a podcast about World of Warcraft novels. The host is Apsana and Skolnick. It’s where we read the book before hand and talk about it. I was on “rise of the horde”.

It was on another episode of Chaos Portal talking about Ghostbusters the movies. I felt that episode was chaotic because it had way too many people on one show for a short show. But it was still a very enjoyable experience

I was a host on another one called Anime Girls but that one didn’t last very long it was hard to come up with topics and schedule with the other host.

After all these wonderful podcasts, Frazley wanted to start his own and he remembered me being on Ata and asked me to be a guest host for his show. For a while I was a regular with Deceiverr_13 but things got overwhelming with too many guest on the show. So I’m now a filler if lack of guest and I managed to snag a spot on the last show of the month. To do a Segment called “Kilrggo Sight” its talks about the events coming up in world of Warcraft.

So long long story short (ya I guess you can skip to the end) I met host of podcast, personalities match and ask me to be a guest on there show. I enjoy being on podcast and would love to do more shows ^_^

Do you have any advice for someone who is getting into a creative things (like podcasting, art, blogging, music, etc.)?

Don’t be scared and don’t procrastinate just do it. There’s many people in the community who are willing to help and give vice. There’s a lot a podcaster who would love new guest or highlight people in community. Guesting is a great way to learn what goes on the background of podcasts. It’s always good to try and keep a schedule, don’t go too long and don’t have too many people that show. But remember to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing.

3 What are some of your favorite podcast to listen to?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t listen to a podcast in a while.  But the main ones i liked to listen to are , Darkmoon Herald, Convert to Raid, Realm maintenance, world of Warcraft less travel and Blizzard Watch. Yup I’m a world of Warcraft person through out.

4 Other then podcast and video games, one of your hobbies is Pokemon, what drew you into the series?

I grown up with nintendo system, but I was never really good at it. If you ever play games with me, you will know I can not jump.  My best friend always bug me about it. I found a lot of games really hard, and was at the point thinking they are not for me. If it wasn’t for a kid at my school, who let me play there Pokemon games, i might not of ever tried it . Pokemon was turn based game. It also help me with my hoarding of things (gotta collect them all) easy to read. So bacily I fell in love with it. I also started watching the anime. I don’t even remember telling my mum about the game. But she got me a Colour Gameboy, Pikachu edition. I don’t think I could put that game down after that. And later years after meeting my best friend who was also into pokemon, the fire of pokemon never burn out.

I also learned how to crochet. I started learning because I wanted to make something special for my nephew. To this day he still loves his baby blanket and each year I add another colour around it so it’s going to grow with him. I’ve also done the same thing with my nieces blanket who will not go to bed without that blanket. I’ve made a few other things like hat, scarves, a teddy bear, different pattern blankets and right now I am trying to make a hobo bag. It’s on hold as keep getting distracted when I need to count the stitches (so close to finishing)

I also like Doctor Who. I remember going to England and my younger cousin was trying to get me to watch an episode and I felt like it was a kid show and I’m like I can’t watch this but I just can not tear myself away from the TV. So when I came back home it was a guilty pleasure until I realize how big of a Doctor who community there is. My mum is a huge fan of Doctor Who and she has a room in her house dedicated to Doctor Who.

I’m also a great baker and love to cook. One day I will be making and sending everyone lock cookies. Well that is one of my goals.

5 What brought you into the playing Warcraft?

My high school boyfriend convinced me to play World of Warcraft. Him and his friends got beta for the game. And they spend hours on it. I was in the middle of playing final fantasy X. So I had no interest in world of warcraft at the time. But after a tragic experience.  I had issues leaving the house. I beat FFX and was bored. So my ex tried everything he could convince me to play. And I had always a reason why i could not. Playing with people in a virtual world, was scary. I was slow at typing. People would make fun of my spelling and grammar. It would be way to hard for me. He then said “ Play until you get to level 5. If you still don’t like you. You dont have to play anymore” and that was it… I was hooked. I met some amazing people. Who didn’t care about my differences and cat obsessions. It was a world I could be myself. A safe place.

I got my own copy of world of Warcraft in 2006. I do miss my original toon on my ex’s account. But over the years I’ve made great friends.

6 How often do you raid & What game mechanic do you like the most/least in WoW?

Right now March 19, 2018. I raid 2-4 times a week. I am starting to feel burnt out again. I raid with CTR guild. Humpday Heroes and  Bacon & Kegs. Both of them are wonderful teams to be on. Reason why I am on two teams is. Bacon & Kegs, are saturday and sunday but they start at 5am pst. Which I sometimes have a hard time getting on that early.. Speaial if have things I need to do that day. They Raid leader, got me an invite for Humpday Heroes, which make it easier timewise. Monday and Wednesday 6pm pst.

Like any caster, mechanic a most least like in world of warcraft, is needing to move. It can mess with spell rotation or even doing a cast stun. I also never very fond of multiple adds. I’m not good with switching targets.

Now the Mechanics I do like, are ones that I can help the raid team. For example curant raid. “ Antorus, the Burning Throne”  I enjoy Antoran High Command, because of the pods. I normally take the first pod. So before the fight starts, I have to sneak up right behind the boss, so I can click the pod when the fight starts. Now in the pod I have two buttons. Button one put a dot that stack up to 15 on the boss(or add but best keep it on the boss) and Button 2, which puts a debuff on adds. Number 2 is really important, for timing. As you want the new adds to have the debuff as soon as they spawn every time. This helps the raid team out a lot. As my dps isn’t always the best.  So a person who has better dps, can do more damage on the boss, while I help by making sure the adds are weaker for faster take down.

7 What is your favorite instance & boss fight (it can be from any expansion)?

I don’t know if I have a favourite instance. But

For boss fights I really enjoyed the twin consorts Inferno thunder. The reason why like that fight is the celestial aids. It’s where you have to do a star pattern to get their help. I was never good at doing the star pattern but it was still something fun to do.

I also enjoyed Galakras, in siege of Orgimmar because I normally get shoot the cannons and shoot him down.

I also likes controlling Razorgore the untamed in Blackwing lair, because I like to go “squish squish squish” as I’m getting rid of the eggs

As you can tell I like to do mechanics that’s not purely DPS with something fun and unique.

I like puzzles so when I was doing Licid Nightmare chain. I found it very enjoyable it will be interesting to have a raid or even a dungeon where we all have to work together instead of having top DPS you actually have to use your wits.

8 With a new expansion on it’s way, what are you looking forward to most I’m “Battle For Azeroth”?

I’m kind of going to enjoy just new story I am finding a little bit burnt out on the current content right now. It will be nice not need to farm appearance for my artefact weapon instead will be working on an artefact necklace. I have kept myself mostly in the dark about the next expansion as I kind of want it to be like when I first started playing vanilla everything new and unknown so pretty much I’m on a need to know basis with next expansion.

9 With the return to the factional divide in “Battle For Azeroth”, Horde or Alliance?

I will always be Alliance, unless im having fun with an alt ^_^

I’ve played horde but never really got far.  I don’t even have a max horde toon. I have tried… but So much to do on the alliance side that stops me.

10 Where can people find you on the Internet?

Anyone and everyone can find me on Twitter @Lady_Emma

I am on other places but that is what I mainly use ^_^

If you would like to talk more about World Of Warcraft, other Blizzard Games, books, TV, Movies, or any other topic please feel free to join the blog’s discord server!

Join The Community here:


Community Spotlight: Toasty!

Toasty1 You are a co-host of “All Things Azeroth”, how did you get into podcasting?

I started out as just a fill in host for whenever one of the main hosts couldn’t make the show. When Emma took a step away from the show, Medros asked me to fill in, and the rest, as they say, is history!

2 Do you have any advice for someone who is getting into a creative things (like podcasting, art, blogging, music, etc.)?

I’m not so good with the art, blogging, or music. When it comes to podcasting, there are two pieces of advice I can offer. 1) Be open to criticism . Yeah, there are bunch of dicks out there that will just troll you, but among the noise is helpful feedback. Listen to it, and try to address it. 2) Listen to yourself. I know it’s weird, and we all hate the sound of our own voice, but it keeps you critical of yourself.

3 What are some of your favorite podcast to listen to?

The Sundering. Though, admittedly, I’m very behind on it.

4 What is some of your hobbies (other than video games)?

I enjoy playing D&D, and dedicate at least 2 nights a week to D&D and D&D related stuff. I also enjoy fishkeeping and have 4 aquariums with various freshwater fish in them. Is watching hockey a hobby? Because that definitely takes up a lot of my time.

5 What brought you into the playing Warcraft?

Honestly? A girl. Someone I was hanging out with for a while talked me into playing it, so I figured I’d give it a go. 9 years later, she’s long gone, but WoW has stuck around.

6 How often do you raid & What game mechanic do you like the most/least in WoW?

I raid 2 nights a week (Tues & Fri). My least favorite mechanic is anything that forces me out of melee.

7 What is your favorite instance & boss fight (it can be from any expansion)?

Pit of Saron. Not for any of the boss fights or anything like that, but it was the first heroic dungeon I finished, so it’s got a soft spot for me. Any boss fight that introduces lots of adds for me to bladestorm is A-OK with me.

8 With a new expansion on it’s way, what are you looking forward to most I’m “Battle For Azeroth”?

Tortollans. Give them to me, Blizzard. GIVE THEM TO ME!

9 With the return to the factional divide in “Battle For Azeroth”, Horde or Alliance?


10 Where can people find you on the Internet?

Every Monday night at 8(ish) central for All Things Azeroth. We broadcast through our discord at

Otherwise, you can find me on twitter @ToastyPostyCAN

Community Spotlight: Thorn

thorn-lagging-balls-community-spotlight.png1 You are a co-host of the “Lagging Balls” Podcast, how did you get started with podcasting?

As a lover of existing Blizzard podcasts, I felt that I had my own community niche to reach that was somewhat underserved: the foul-mouthed bit! I also knew that Thyst and I had excellent chemistry. She and I had discussed podcasting many times but didn’t finally get started until I actually started a Heroes of the Storm video show with some other friends. It was a terrible failure, but it spurred us into action on our own work, finally!

2. Do you have any advice for someone who is getting into a creative things (like podcasting, art, blogging, music, etc.)?

Best advice I can give: make time for it and make it a part of your routine. It’ll never take off if you don’t DO IT and then stick with it! I guess what I’m saying is: don’t let your memes be dreams.

3. What are some of your favorite podcast to listen to?

Convert to Raid, The Instance, Film Sack, Battlenet Sports, Realm Maintenance, Rolling Restart, Azeroth Roundtable, Lords of the Storm, Gankbush Squad, Tauren Think Tank, Merely A Setback, Pod Save America, Hardcore History, Reply All, and my newest favorite: “Forever Frumunda: The Cheese Lover’s Podcast”

4. Other then podcast and video games, what is some of your hobbies?

I’m an animal lover (so much so that I became a Vegetarian), and I have two dogs and two cats whom I adore, spoil, and with whom I love to cuddle. I’ve become intrigued by politics lately and have been following that far more than I ever thought I would, and honestly one of my single biggest and most enjoyable hobbies is maintaining TLC with a variety of online communities across multiple platforms, with members in the tens of thousands!

5. What brought you into the playing Warcraft?

A set of friends who played Alliance and a set of friends who played Horde. Guess which friends I ended up liking better?

6. How often do you raid & What game mechanic do you like the most/least in WoW?

I raid six hours a week on two nights, with the heroic raid team (unofficially named “This Is Why We Don’t Stream”). Like: any mechanic that requires one person to step outside of their role to do something strange or unusual, such as arming a pod that drops shields for the raid or picking up a flamethrower to clear green goo from the fight! Least: RNG-based bosses like Coven in the current raid tier.

7. What is your favorite instance & boss fight (it can be from any expansion)?

Instance: Icecrown Citadel!
Boss: The Lich King!

8. With a new expansion on it’s way, what are you looking forward to most I’m “Battle For Azeroth”?

The reigniting of FACTION PRIDE!! Thyst and I are For The Horde through and through, but I’ve felt a disappointing lack of faction loyalty and pride over the past few years and I’m excited for that to return in earnest!

9. With the return to the factional divide in “Battle For Azeroth”, Horde or Alliance?

Don’t be ridiculous.

Where can people find you on the Internet?

@Thornbrow on Twitter
@Thorn on Discord


Community Spotlight: Jules!

TTTFEATURE-250x1301 You host “Tauren Think Tank” that has an awesome community surrounding it, What is the best thing about hosting the podcast?

Hosting TTT has changed my life in so many ways. I had dreamed of working in radio since I was little, and I used to record interview shows on a tape recorder with my sister. I made these recordings of epic interviews with a Teddy Ruxpin doll, where it would say random things and you had to react to it. I wish I still had them!

But radio is really hard to get into, so I wound up going the traditional route of corporate desk jobs to earn a living. When I learned about podcasting, it was everything I wanted to do and I could do it in my spare time. When Tauren Think Tank was conceived, we intended to just really be able to connect with other people leading guilds and raids, and help them with stuff we’d learned over our time. Then we started getting letters about dealing with depression, how to make friends, how to deal with problem family members, suicide, gender dysphoria… it was beyond my expectations. People trusted us with things they wouldn’t tell their best friends, and that continues to blow my mind. To have been given that level of trust in our advice, and to have been told, “You changed my life” or “Listening to you saved my life” – there’s nothing that compares to that.

2. Do you have any advice for someone who is getting into a creative things (like podcasting, art, blogging, music, etc.)?

There’s a huge amount of uncertainty that goes into trying something new. I struggle with it every time. “Will this work?” “Will I be good enough compared to everybody else?” “Is this even worth trying?” The answer is always YES if it brings you joy. If it’s something that you look forward to, if it makes you feel happy and fulfilled, then the answer is always YES.

Even creative hobbies have their downsides and rough spots. Sometimes it feels like work and it’s kind of a drag. I have a mantra that I use when that happens, and it’s called, “For the love of the game.” Ever see those sports movies where the main characters are at their low point, they’re losing, not even sure why they’re there anymore? There’s always a speech that ends in “Do this because you love it. Do it for that little kid who is playing in the fields with his buddies, dreaming of making it big someday.” And then they always win. The “love of the game” sticks with me – get to the core of why you started doing it in the first place. It’s a great reset tool that works for me.

3. What are some of your favorite podcast to listen to?

Since I work from home now, I don’t have daily commutes anymore. They used to be my prime podcast listening, and I’ve been a huge fan of The Morning Stream with Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott for years. I’m way behind now, unfortunately!

I also love NPR’s Invisibilia – it’s all about the mind and looking at things in different perspectives. Such a cool look at the world and how we think and perceive things.

I’ll always be a Convert to Raid fan, too. Been listening to the show since the beginning. 🙂

4. A hobby of your is to create various items out of chainmail, how did you get started with the craft?

It’s almost been a year since I started chainmailling! I was feeling really mentally stuck and started looking for a creative outlet – something to make my mind work in different ways. I’d always admired the work of the various chainmaille artists who were making lanyards for BlizzCon over the years. I started doing my research, and found that there’s unlimited tutorials and resources online, and companies that sell full kits to get started. I took a leap of faith, bought a kit on Amazon, bought some cheap pliers, and I created the piece from the kit. I mangled the heck out of it, but I DID IT! I was instantly hooked, and immediately started teaching myself new patterns and designs.

With my second design that I posted on social media, someone asked me if they could purchase it. That was such a rush. From there, people started asking me to make things for them, and it just grew from there. I made 18 lanyards for BlizzCon last year! It’s been an incredible ride and I can’t wait to see how much more I will get to create in 2018, thanks to this awesome community.

5. What brought you into the playing Warcraft?

I had been playing City of Heroes (my first MMO), and getting really burnt out with the game because it had no end-game content. My ex-husband was a Warcraft player, and he purchased the game for me for my birthday as a change of pace. It was 3 months before Burning Crusade launched. I knew nothing about Warcraft or any of the previous games. I wasn’t even sure if I’d like the game. I rolled a human priest, kept running into trees and freaked out and ran away when I hit the gates of Stormwind. It was a rocky start at first, but night elves got me hooked into the game. 🙂

6. How often do you raid & What game mechanic do you like the most/least in WoW?

After about 8 years of raiding steadily, I finally stopped raiding in spring of 2017. My available game time has definitely changed, and I found I preferred games like Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch where I can play for 1-2 matches and then leave if I need to.

The game mechanic that I like the most: definitely winning loot. It’s all about the loot, baby! The one I like the least: reputation grinding.

7. What is your favorite instance & boss fight (it can be from any expansion)?

Most favorite raid ever was Karazhan, by far. I love the ambiance, the feel of it, and the music. The Opera event was the coolest thing to me – every week it was different, and you wouldn’t know until someone bravely jumped in to die to it, since Wowhead wasn’t there to warn you ahead of time.

8. With a new expansion on it’s way, what are you looking forward to most I’m “Battle For Azeroth”?

I’m looking forward to the Allied Races, for sure. I’ve been a Night Elf for so long – it will be nice to have some new characters to play around with!

9. With the return to the factional divide in “Battle For Azeroth”, Horde or Alliance?

As much as I love and respect my Horde friends, FOR THE ALLIANCE!

10. Where can people find you on the Internet?

I’m most active on Twitter: and Discord. Best place to find me is the Convert to Raid Discord: My DMs are open on Twitter as well if you have any questions!

You can find my chainmaille work and my commission request form at My finished items for sale are up on Etsy:

My podcasts:

Tauren Think Tank:

Battlenet News and Battlenet Sports:
Slaying Demons:

Community Spotlight: OldManFranks

oldmanfranks community spotlight1. What brought you into the playing Warcraft?

I played a lot of Warcraft 2 and 3, so I was decently familiar with the universe. Especially after 3 and it’s expac, I was very excited to see where they would take the story next. I was shocked, and actually quite horrified, when it was announced they were making an MMO. All I knew about MMOs was Everquest, that people paid every MONTH to play it and that thousands of people were playing in the same world. How on earth could you advance the story of a world that doesn’t change? Eventually, in my senior year of college, I had three friends, Akin, Jeff, and David, who were all playing, and I got to watch them. I was intrigued. I started researching the game, figuring out what race and class I would play, and eventually, in August of 2005, I bought the game. I haven’t talked to any of those guys in years. We just sort of lost touch after college. I don’t know if they’re still playing, but I hope things are going well for them. I’ve met a truly massive number of people who have become great friends thanks to those guys, and I don’t know if I can ever thank them enough for it.

2. You are a member of the Alea Iacta East guild on Earthen Ring, how did you originally hear about the guild and what drew you into wanting to join?

I was, and still am, a big fan of Scott Johnson, the host of the Instance podcast (among many many others now), so when I heard they were establishing a guild for fans of the show, I was ready to make an alt and join up. I was there on my troll rogue on the very first days. I even got to be present for what may have been the very first guild event, a gathering in front of Sylvanas Windrunner as she performed Lament of the Highborne. Everyone else was kneeling in respect. Me, I had my troll dancing around like an irreverent idiot. Eventually, I decided I didn’t have the time to split between those guys and what was my home server at the time, so I deleted the rogue and stuck with my main characters. However, my guild was falling apart, my real friends mentioned above were logging in less and less frequently, and, well, I was a bit bored. So I transferred my very first alt, a tauren druid, over to Earthen Ring and joined up. And soon that druid became my most played character. I joined a raid team within the guild, a real fun group of guys and girls doing Karazhan casually, and just had a ball. Fast forward to the time that the Sunwell patch dropped. I fully expected the new content would draw my friends back into the game. For a solid week, I played exclusively on my old server, doing the Isle of Quel’danas quests, and waiting. And waiting. For one week, not one of my old friends or former guild mates logged in. At the end of that week, I transferred my remaining two characters to Earthen Ring and never looked back. I’m AIE for life, now.

3. You have a blog, what is the best thing about blogging?

The fact that it’s your own personal forum to talk about whatever you like. A given blogger is a unique entity that has their own opinions, viewpoints, and ideas. No one else out there will have them in the exact same way. It’s a good feeling when you share your own viewpoint and people not only read it, but leave likes or comments.

4. Do you have any advice for someone who is getting into a creative things (like podcasting, art, blogging, music, etc.)?

1 Find a way to motivate yourself. If it comes naturally to you, awesome. Let it come and don’t hesitate to write (or otherwise create) when the inspiration strikes. If it doesn’t, set yourself a metric. My own personal one is at least one post a week. Keep track of it with a calendar (physical or digital) and stick to it! 2. Jot down ideas somewhere to reference later. There’s nothing worse for me than thinking of a great blog idea and not remembering it later when I have time to flesh it out. 3. Practice practice practice. It’s the only way you’ll get better. 4. Things we create are a reflection of who we are, do not be afraid to let it reflect you.

5. What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

I read a lot of the standard WoW gaming blogs like Blizzard Watch, MMO Champion, and ever Massively Overpowered (mostly for SWTOR news). I also try my best to read every submission to the Z and Cinder Blogging challenge, even if I’m not always able to read their non-challenge-related posts. And my lovely wife has a blog of her own of course, discussing faith and life and parenting and anything else on her amazing mind.

6. How often do you raid & What game mechanic do you like the most/least in WoW?

I currently raid twice a week with my friends in the Flexy Encounters Raid Team. I’m not sure I have a favorite mechanic that I can think of, but I absolutely hate overly-unforgiving mechanics in normal mode raiding. Stuff that if one person slips up once, it makes the rest of the fight unwinnable. In heroic and mythic, sure, that sort of thing absolutely belongs there, but as Normal has replaced Flexible as the new “friends and family” mode, I hate it when a boss fight is overly unforgiving at that level. I saw a lot of that in Warlords, and it almost broke my team up. Luckily, we stuck it out.


7. What is your favorite instance & boss fight (it can be from any expansion)?

Oh, I have so many incredible memories raiding. I think the two fights I got the most invested in wanting to see the bosses just DIE because they were evil sons of troggs were the Lich King and Garrosh Hellscream. The latter because I seriously had hated him and wanted him to eat a fireball since Wrath, and the former because I’d been invested in his story from the beginning. I actually have amusing stories surrounding both my first kills of Arthas in 10- and 25-man mode. For the 10-man, I almost missed raid because I thought I was supposed to go out of town to see friends that weekend. Turns out I got the date wrong, but by the time I got home, raid had started and they’d replaced me for the night with a friend and fellow mage named Sangu. So I got dinner, chatted with my then-girlfriend (now-wife) on the phone, and generally messed around in game. Then I got a tell from our main tank, turns out Sangu was having internet issues and they wanted me to join for one last attempt on Arthas for the night. Right as we pulled, Sangu came back on & we killed Arthas for the first time on that last attempt. Sangu was cursing at Comcast and claiming I stole the kill. And of course, I teased him for ages about us getting it immediately after getting rid of him and bringing me in. Heh.

For the 25-man kill, my computer locked up mid-fight. I couldn’t get it to do anything, but I could somehow still hear and talk in voice chat. My team were trying so hard to work around me just standing there and eventually started using me as a soak for the Vile Spirits. I expected to die, but somehow our healers kept me alive. Eventually, my computer responded again and shut the game down…and then I heard the cheers and whoops. They’d gotten him to 10% and the RP had commenced. I furiously tried to log back in…and came back in, alive. I had missed the Lich King’s insta-kill mechanic. So with my teammates cheering me on, I began spamming spells while the Lich King rambled on about luring us into a trap. It was hilarious, a truly memorable end to our first 25-man kill.

8. With a new expansion on it’s way, what are you looking forward to most I’m “Battle For Azeroth”?

I’m tempering a lot of my hype for BFA because the basic premise we’ve been given, an expansion centered on the faction conflict, does NOT spark my interest. I’m of the opinion that the faction conflict has long ceased to be narratively interesting, and I really do not care for having yet another seemingly evil Warchief. I hated it with Garrosh, I do not want it back with Sylvanas. The fact that Thrall and Vol’jin are supposed to play major roles in this expansion has me filled with hope, as when I started playing, I loved being a part of the Horde as Thrall had shaped its identity. This quote from his trailer in Heroes of the Storm encapsulates it perfectly. “We came to this world as exiles and outcasts, but together, we can be more. A weapon to break the chains of oppression. A bastion for the hunted and the lost. A family bound by blood and honor. And if our enemies do not give us peace, we will give them WAR! Victory or death! This I pledge as your Warchief: until the end of days I live and die FOR THE HORDE!” That’s the Horde I want back, and I’m hoping that we get it, eventually. Aside from that, I’m hopeful for more and more Allied Races. I love the idea and want as many as possible!

9. With the return to the factional divide in “Battle For Azeroth”, Horde or Alliance?

I would love to say it with enthusiasm, but honestly, the only reason my answer is “Horde” right now is because there’s no way I’ll convince all of my friends to swap factions. But the current Horde we’re seeing in Battle for Azeroth’s previews and alpha news isn’t the Horde I was proud to be a part of in Vanilla, BC, and Wrath.

10. Where can people find you on the Internet?

Best place to seek me out is on twitter. I’m at Aside from that, follow my blog where I talk about WoW stuff and occasionally some SWTOR. I’ll be responding to every challenge that Z and Cinder list, and I just started a new series called “Five Things” in which I talk about five interesting things about each of my characters, such as why I created them, the origins of their name, interesting points of their backstory, and the like.

Community Spotlight: Draven Dresden

DravenDresden1.) You host a few podcast about a few Blizzard related games. What is the best thing about hosting the podcast?

Ya know, I never really expected people to contact me and say “I love your podcasts!” or “You’ve really inspired me.” I mean, I’m honestly just some pleb! But if I had to pick just one thing to be the best thing, I’d say it’s that massive paycheck Blizzard gives podcasters! LOL 😛

2.) What are some of the podcast you enjoy listening to?

Oh god… there are so many… Lagging Balls is currently my favorite. I’d also name The Instance, CTR, Town Hall Heroes, Into The Nexus, Core (CORE!) and Tauren Think Tank. I’d also be completely remiss if I didn’t name Realm Maintenance. And these are just a few. I also listen to others, but I make sure to catch these every week!

3.) Do you have any advice for someone who is getting into a creative things (like podcasting, art, blogging, music, etc.)?

Honestly, I can give 2 pieces of advice. 1) Do the show you’d wanna see/hear. and 2) Just do it. We all start at nothing. We all learn as we go. 1st few shows will seem like an absolute train-wreck. And they will be! But go back to just about any podcast you love! The 1st few shows will all have that in common.

4.) What got you into Warcraft (how you got introduced to the game)?

I was very much ANTI-Warcraft before playing! I mean, pay for a game and THEN pay a subscription on top of that!? Seemed silly to me. I was playing City of Heroes until it closed down. Friends of mine had been trying to get me into WoW for most of TBC. I finally tried it and wound up rolling a toon on the wrong server! I eventually fixed that and have been playing almost non-stop since.

5.) How often do you raid in WoW & what game mechanic do you like the most / least about the game?

I raid with Rubber Chicken Coalition (a raid team in CTR) on Tuesdays with my mage. My main, a ret paladin, raids Wednesday & Monday with Hyjal Volunteer Fire Department. I’m currently trying to convince them to change the name for BfA to Teldrassil Volunteer Fire Department. 😛

6.) With a new expansion on it’s way, what are you looking forward to most I’m “Battle For Azeroth”?

I just love seeing the new content. Leveling (the 1st time), Heroic Dungeons, the Raids. I’m also curious to find out where Jaina is gonna fit in. What’s gonna happen to Undercity… all of it. Oh, and also, I’m curious how Pally Bubble will break a raid boss in BfA.

7.) With the return to the factional divide in “Battle For Azeroth”, Horde or Alliance?

I am openly bi-… factional. My main toons are currently Alliance, but I started Horde and have more 110s that are Horde than Alliance.

8.) Other then Blizzard games and pocasting, what are some of your other hobbys?

What are other hobbies? 😉 I listen to a lot of music, I read many books, and watch movies from time to time – tho, admittedly, that’s dropped off a lot since I quit working at a movie theater.

9.) Since you host the “Epic Fail Podcast”, can you describe a time when you epically failed in a game (can be any game, not just warcraft!)

Remember earlier how I said I rolled a toon on the wrong server? It was an Orc. I managed to get lost and found myself in the Barrens. This was back before Cataclysm, so it was a bit higher level than I was at the time. I ended up aggroing what seemed like the entire zone. I couldn’t retrieve my corpse. I nearly quit the game forever cuz “it was stupid” after that. But I just took a small break, rolled on the right server and the rest, as they say, is history.

10.) So, the final question, where can people find you on the Internet?

*takes a deep breath* Weeeeeeelllllll…. people can find me over on the twitters, @DravenDresden . That’s the easiest way. All I ask is people be civil/polite.

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