Let’s get weird!

Yes, boy’s and girls, lets get weird but not in the way your thinking. Ew, Dont even go there. I am talking about music, silly.

For the last two weeks I have had three songs in my head and each song is very different. The first being Hollywood Undead’s Medicine from their ‘Notes from the Underground’ album. The group has been described as a rock rap group and usually I do not go for a style like this. As far in left field in comparison to the the other two song as it is, it has a theme of some pretty harsh realities that can happen in someones life.

Take a listen to the song:

The second song is Hunter by Galantis. Swedish electronic group comprised of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw. The song is from their album “The Aviary”.  It is also the seventh track that features uncredited lead vocals from Hannah Wilson. I know with in the last month or so I have been a lot of this style of music in a verity of ways. Honestly, this version of the song has me so excited. When the bass dropped so did my heart.

Listen to the song:

The third song has grabbed my attention pretty swiftly. “In The Name Of Love” by Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha is a pop inspired electronic song that has sunk its fangs into me. The song is a future bass that consist of an awesome blend of piano, bass, and guitar that hold together the song in such a way that forces you to pay attention.

Listen to the song:

So, with all the songs presented to you at this point. What has strung these specific sets of songs together for me?

The short answer: My Character in D&D currently. (I will not spoil things here kids. Sorry!) The longer answer: Just how will Zahara approach a situation that is will be in front of her eventually? I feel like the answers lay within the music here somewhere. How exactly, I am not sure. It will just depend on the adventure that she is involved in.

If you enjoyed any of the music you listened to today, please support the artist. Do not be that guy that steals music from the internet. That is just the douche way about going about it.

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