MTG Monday: Akroma

Magic-The-Gathering-card backIn Magic! The Gathering I am so enthralled with angel cards. That is what started me on my journey with the table top game in the first place. I wanted to feature a foe of the angels that caught my eye in the first place.

Akroma, was a sentient illusion, created by Ixidor on Dominaria in the image of his lost wife, Nivea, who was killed by Phage in her premier pit fight.

To hear her story, watch the following video:

Akroma, Angel of Wrath, released with the Onslaught expert-level block expansion Legion in January 2003. You can take a look at the card here for more information.

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MTG Monday: Holy land cards Batman!

Magic-The-Gathering-card backI over a weekend had put over two hundred cards into the MTGGoldfish site. Not including the land cards. I know I have a few hundred of those of well. I know at one point or another I counted them and promptly forgot that number.

All I know that there are a boat load of them that I have.

My attempt for entering them into the site has been nothing short of daunting. I am close to just paying my little brother to input them into the database for me.

Not that I am being lazy or anything. I did put a few of the cards in. I found out, and remember kids this is just due to the data MTGGoldfish has, one of my land cards are in the seventeen dollar range and has held steady there for the last few weeks.

On that note, holy land cards Batman! It is such a process to go through to find the correct one in the vast list. I know I eventually will have them all entered though – even if I have the extra help from my brother.

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MTG Misadventure’s: MTGGoldfish!

Magic-The-Gathering-card backAs stated in my previous Magic! The Gathering post, I have been collecting cards for years. I recently signed up for a free account at MTGGoldfish. I just started to enter in my cards when my younger brother decided to mix my cards up and I had on idea what I entered in and was hard pressed to try and sort everything out the way that I wanted it and honestly I really did not want to take the extra effort to do so.

To answer your question, Yes I was mad for a total of five seconds but decided the best thing for me to do was to start over with entering everything into the data base again. Thankfully, MTGGoldfish has a button where you can reset your list.

So, on that note I have also come to the conclusion to enter as many cards as I can on a daily basis. With that being said, while I am working on the data entry I could put my headphones on and crank out some pretty awesome music or a podcast and have at it.

I am sure my little brother would be happy to know that I am no longer angry but what he did end up doing was motivating me, as previously noted in the prior post, to become a better player and be as motivated as possible to learn about the art that I tend to love so much. This is one of the ways that I am taking him up on that challenge.

Challenge: ACCEPTED!

With the challenge now properly laid in front of me, I know that I have a card that I had came across in my collection that I knew that I had to enter it as the first card in the MTGGoldfish database. I am excited to announce the card is “Moaning Wall”.  (You can learn more about the card here!) The reason for my choice has several layers. The first, lets face it the art is fantastic. Secondly, the flavor text is unreal. Thirdly, just because of where I live (Pittsburgh / Monroeville) is known to be the Zombie capital of the world due to having several major motion Zombie films shot in the area. The most well know of those films being the 1978 film Dawn Of The Dead.

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Just another MTG Monday!

magic-the-gathering-card-back.jpgLet me say this up front. I am in no way a Magic The Gathering expert. Nor do I even consider my collection any good. At this point in my dabbling with the game is collecting. Honestly, I love the artwork that is involved more then anything.

I have had long conversations with my younger brother and how I can become more involved with the table top gaming – and other games as a whole.

Essentially he has challenged me to become a better player, To ask efficient questions, and overall to have fun with everything that comes with MTG & a plethora of other games that I may be interested in.

I have spent a few hours actually playing Magic total. I am going to also take my little brother up on being a better player and lets face it – not everyone knows where to start. So, to the internet I went!

Wizards of the coast has a splash page that is very basic, and has a few videos on the page, the one video that I wish I watched when I was first starting is their “how to build your deck” video.


The Wizard Of The Coast crew also has a youtube page with a lot of information – so definitively use the channel as a tool.

The other tool that I would suggest using, and this is obvious to players that have invested a lot of time and money, is MTGGoldfish. You can enter all of the cards you have currently and add new ones you gather later. Just know that pricing for each individual card will very from one site to the next. MTGGoldfish also has a youtube channel!

I am going to try to cover news and stuff for MTG the best I can. I also would like to dig into some more basic things, like rules and such for those of us that are new to the game and hopefully I will be putting my cards in the MTGGoldfish data base for everyone to see. I now have a few hundred cards and it will be a huge undertaking.

Hopefully I do the game some justice and help a fellow newcomer to learn along with me!