Warcraft: November Events!

blizzcon-logo-og-39036eb778a980553e0d9aedc668c1b6ca825e46cb8c1d1b30cfe95e4e2918fcc0fd69e17666353c3f6c29541275f18ee8b2a5835bde018693283f4d05702142Aloha my Warcraft and Blizzard loving friends! It is almost Nerd Christmas!

The month of November has a lot in store for us!

Blizzcon is Friday and Saturday. For the full schedule of events click here!

In November for Warcraft there is also a bunch of things to do!

November 1st to the 3rd Day Of The Dead

November 4th to the 10th Darkmoon Faire

November 6th to the 12th Pet Battle Bonus Event

November 12th Moonkin Festival

November  13th to the 19th Timewalking Dungeon Event

November 16th to the 30th WoW’s 14th Anniversary

November 19th to the 26th Pilgrims Bounty

November 20th to the 26th Arena Skirmish’s

November 27th to December 4th World Quest Bonus Event

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