Warcraft Wednesday: When It Is No Longer Fun!

At this point in my Warcraft play time that I have, I am not having as much fun as I would like to be. It is less about game design and more about where and how I want to spend my time in the game.

Warcraft, of course, has it’s minor issues. The player base has been vocal about the issues as well. Overall, it has been a hit or a miss for the vast majority. For me, Battle For Azeroth has been fun for what time I have spent with in the game, with the exception of my choice of a main. I have played a priest for the longest time and for the life-span of the character, RNG has not been great to her. Toss on top a 5% reduction of damage overall for shadow priest, not having the haste that she needs currently (due to not having drops in her favor), I have shifted to just doing World quest and whatever weekly that is available for the week.

Island expeditions, for as quick as they can be to plow through (2 hours tops to have it done for the week), is not holding me over.

I know what a lot of responses will be. Play holy. Honestly, that is my least favorite spec and I have not played discipline enough within the last year or more that I am horrifically out of practice.

So, a new class it is. Recently, I have been having a lot of fun with leveling Hunters or learning about the Demon Hunter class. I have not fell on what class I would like to continue with as of yet; however, I have options.

At this point, taking a few weeks off other then raiding is also an option.

Just a few thought’s I have had for this week, and I am thankful that Blizzard is continuing to create a game that I still enjoy.

On that note, I am going to level and come to a decision soon on what to main. Also I created a few goals for the month of January that includes increasing the gold flow, continuing to run world quest daily, run old world raids weekly, and to fill out my battle pet collection a little more by the end of the month.

Hopefully, I will be ready when the new raid drops on the 11th.

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Warcraft Wednesday: 8.1 Drop!

So, I spent most of my time logged in to Warcraft today doing island expedition’s, World Quest, and leveling up a hunter alt.

It was nothing to fancy but it seems like leveling seems to be going quickly.

I am not sure what is pushing me to level up a hunter other than I haven’t had the class at max level. Otherwise, Warcraft today for me seemed to be very uneventful.

Funny thing is, the hunter is a gnome. Nothing particularly interesting other then mechanical pets. At this point I’m just doing the leveling up thing until the next raid teir is available for us middle of next month.

I don’t think we have spent enough time with the new patch for me to formulate a full opinion on it.

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Warcraft Wednesday: Haste, the new gateway drug!

Zeph hasteI know that secondary stats are not the focal point for any class or spec. I also know that item level is great to have at high levels. However, I have played a priest since Cataclysm and the need for haste is at all time high and it has little pay off.

Honestly, I am not sure if it is worth the trouble. For being ilvl 345, her haste is at 13%. It’s is underwhelming, and feels very slow.

Slow to the point of wanting me to rip my hair out. It is frustrating and at one point or another I feel like I should move on.

If you have no idea for the stat priority for a shadow priest is as follows: Intellect > Critical Strike > Haste > Mastery >= Versatility. Haste for consumables is also suggested. (Consumables are gem’s, enchants, and food that you would take with you into raids, five man dungeons at any level, and the other various things you would like to complete.) I know that for Battle For Azeroth the items will have a smaller amount of attributes overall on them, plus there are less secondary stats available in comparison to Legion. That is just how a stat squish works.

I know it seems like I am making a big deal out  of nothing, and lets face it, you should bring the player and not the class or item level; however, this just seems to be off to me. I am going to try and keep a good outlook for this but with how things are going that I should choose another class to play as a main for the expansion.

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Zephirah’s Adventure: Episode 9!

Zephaniah’s Adventure Podcast: Episode 9 for July 11, 2018

In this episode Ender’s Game, Zombies in the Safari, Community Spotlight with Ali & Warcraft History!

Podcast / Community Spotlight: Announcement’s!

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Feature Of The Week:

Your WoW Soundtrack, 9 & 10!

Community Spotlight: Ali

Shout Outs:

Evaric for suggesting the music for me!

Rob Zombie, for being such a bad ass, and rocking out for as long as I have been alive!

To Ali and her super awesome introduction to podcasting – keep up the good work!

To Blizzard for an awesome game that I absolutely love.

Music used in this episode:

“Alchemists Tower”, “Alien Restaurant” & “Division” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Until next time, I hope your adventure is awesome!

This Month in Warcraft: July 2018!

Warcraft should be really fun for the month of July as the events in Warcraft promises dance parties and fireworks!

  • Darkmoon Faire July 1st to July 7th
  • World Quest Event July 3rd to July 10th
  • Fireworks Spectacular July 4th to July 5th
  • PVP Brawl: Temple of Hotmogu July 10th to July 17th
  • Timewalking Mists July 10th to July 17th
  • Battleground Bonus Event July 17th to July 24th
  • Auction House Dance Party July 22nd
  • Legion Dungeon Event July 24th to July 31st
  • PvP Brawl: Deep Brawl: Deep Six July 24th to July 31st
  • Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl July 31st to August 1st

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Featured Blog: Edge Of Insanity

The blogger behind “Edge Of Insanity” is a Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge contributor that has been playing WoW since March of 2008. Their monthly screenshots is a great set of post to show off their adventures in Azeroth and I love their thoughts on a wide range of wow related topics!

So, take a moment to visit and read their blog at: https://voodoocapoeira.wordpress.com/

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Alt-a-holic: Revenge of the Alts!

AltsIn the post titled “My Warcraft Bucket List” (the post can be found at the following link: https://zephirahsadventure.wordpress.com/2018/03/21/my-warcraft-bucket-list/) I had mentioned that I would like to have all classes, including Allied races, on the Horde & Alliance at level cap in Battle For Azeroth. I have decided to start with the Alliance side. I figured to wright about my progress in several post, in order to keep me on track, and let you also keep tabs on the progress as well! It also allow’s for transparency.

I feel like I am behind already and we are not even in the next expansion as of yet. So, the goal for now is to have all of the toons listed in the photo at 60 before the “Battle For Azeroth” expansion hits. My rogue, warrior, hunter, and monk are not allied races and would like to start with one of those alts.

Where would you start, if you were in the same boat?

What are your main’s, and what would you like to level?

These are just a few thought’s but I would love to hear what you think! Please feel free to join the disocrd server!

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