Feature Friday: Alternative Chat!

Let me start with the following statement. With any featured blog, video, tweet, or any other from of commentary I post to the blog those are though’s of that particular person. I in no way want to sway their thoughts or opinions. I would rather like to have a conversation on the topic at hand. I am not going to openly have a salty take on things here either.

In other words, if you are going to be a jerk, this is not the place for it.

On that note, I found Alternative Chat’s “The End of the Innocence” post interesting. You can read their entire post here! (Clicky Clicky!)

In their post, and I am quoting here. “I am not here to tell you how to spend your cash. I cannot also reasonably direct anyone to stop enjoying something they clearly love and appreciate based on business decisions. The whole mantra of ‘let people enjoy what they do’ needs to continue to be sung, for as long as people have the capacity to do so. How that happens is nobody else’s business but yours.” That statement I absolutely agree with. Who are you, Alternative Chat’s author, any other player of Warcraft, and I to tell anyone to tell someone how to spend their money? I find people that do that type of thing incredibly insulting and to be quite honest an absolute jerk bag.

Alternative Chat pointed out the new mount on the Blizzard store was only meant to be for Korean player base. I will entertain the idea that they have in their post as well that it is a flying, blue colored mount that is a skin of the fox mount from Legion that could be obtained via your Class Hall Mission table. I was lucky enough to get the said mount in my collection. I use it often. Honestly, I do not know weather or not I am going to spend the cash to get it because of the other various mounts in game that I have yet to get to drop that I, as a collector, would love to have.

Is it a cash grab? Sure. Whatever terms you want to use there. However, paying for mounts from the Blizzard online store is not something new. This is also true for Battle Pets. (My previous statement about collecting in game Battle Pets in game over purchasing them still stands in this situation!)

Basically, with the changes within the company recently, one that is out there for making money. With the end of the Heroes of the Storm esports and the release globally of the mount, in the long run, making money is in mind. Do I hate that people lost their jobs? Hell yes. It is also just before the holiday season. It just plain sucks.

I just hope that their is some way to work things out in the future to have the esports for Hero’s at a smaller scale. I know people love that game and the esports behind it. How to accomplish that? I have no idea.


Basically, if you like the mount and want to get it – do so. If not then don’t. Also, remember that there are people behind the pixels. You know, actual humans. Practice being kind even if you do not like what happened.

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Blizzcon 2018: After Post!

Monday’s for the last few weeks has featured Magic! The Gathering. Providing the title of this post, we are not going to have that post today.

I am going to be covering the big news announced at Blizzcon over the weekend!


Battle For Azeroth

  • New Charity Battle Pet Whomper, Proceeds to Code.org
  • New Battle for Azeroth Cinematic, Lost Honor

  • Tides of Vengeance, 8.1 Patch, December 11th launch! (Key art!)
  • Kul’Tiran classes announced: Druid, Hunter, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior
  • Kul Tiran Racials: Brush It Off, Child of the Sea, Haymaker, Jack of All Trades, Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  • New Worgen and Goblin Models Coming in a Future Patch Sylvanas & Xal’atath: https://www.wowhead.com/news=288373/sylvanas-and-xalatath-in-patch-8-2-rise-of-azshara
  • New Heritage Armor For Gnomes and Tauren Coming in Patch 8.2 – Rise of Azshara
  • New Island Expeditions: Crestfall & Snowblossom
  • Heroic Warfronts: The much awaited option is coming up in 8.2! Queue up with 9 friends, play Warfronts with a higher difficulty and collect epic rewards!
  • New Arena – Mechagon Arena: A new PvP Arena located right at the heart of Mechagon.
  • Battle for Azeroth Season 3: New Nazjatar-themed Seasonal Affix for Mythic+, new PvP season and another item level increase across the board!
  • Flying in 8.2!


  • Release is set for summer 2019 and will be bundled with the current live WoW Subscription.

Warcraft 3: Reforged:

  • Visual updates (All characters and animations have been fully remastered!) to the game that is anticipated to be released some time next year.
  • Pre-purchase is available for $29.99 standard edition and $39.88 for the “Spoils of War” edition.


Diablo Immortal – Mobile game.


Rastakhan’s Rumble Expansion!

  • Release Date – December 4th, 2018
    • Rumble Run – Single-Player – Release Date: December 13th, 2018.
  • New Cards: 135
  • New Keyword: Overkill – Cards with Overkill trigger additional effects when they kill a minion by doing damage that exceeds the minion’s health.
  • New Card Style: Spirits – Spirits are special minions with abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Elusive creatures, spirits enjoy stealth the first turn they’re in play.
  • New Card Style: Loa – Among the countless brawlers who are competing in Rastakhan’s Rumble, a handful of legendary loa are ready to shake the competition to its core.
  • Free Stuff: When the expansion is released, you just need to login and you will get one Free Legendary Loa, two Spirit cards from the same class, and six Rastakhan’s Rumble card packs!


  • New Animated Short – Reunion

  • New Hero – Ashe

Heroes of the Storm:

  • New Hero – Orphea, Heir of the Raven Court:  The first Hero not part of any previous Blizzard games and entirely based on the lore of the Nexus.

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Magic! The Gathering: Noob By Nature!

Magic-The-Gathering-card backWhen I stated in my previous Monday’s post that I was going to work on putting my cards in the MTGGoldfish database; however, I did not expect to be so enthralled and it take over a lot of my downtime.

I initially wanted to do twenty to twenty five in a day that would take me about ten to twelve days to enter everything in excluding my duplicate’s and the land cards that I have in my current collection. As of right now I have two hundred and fifty nine cards total. Of those cards I have one Mythic and twenty one rares.

According to the site, the grand total of the cards I have is currently $73 total. I was informed to make sure to cross reference the cards with several other sites and to not take the $66 at face value for a few reasons. The first reason, there are different places that could put a higher or lower value on the cards depending on the sheer volume of print of one particular card. Some cards are more common then others. I know this seems to be obvious to the players that have had their hands in the game for a while but for a newer player that is not as obvious.

I have mentioned that I am a noob, right? Right. I am learning though.

AjaniI currently know that I want to build a deck around my Serra Angel card. My little brother mentioned if I ever want to get into a field of play that involves tournaments to and to win said tournaments – I would need to spend some time investing in angel token cards, and others to flush out a few options for possible deck’s. The first card he had suggested to me is Ajani. I fell in love quickly as soon as I started playing a few years ago with what the white deck’s had to offer and I started to ask questions. Based on all the conversations with a few people, I have had thus far is suggesting to me that a white and green combination of cards for a deck is the best choice for me.

Excuse me while my nerdy noobishness is showing!

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