Warcraft Wednesday: 8.1 Drop!

So, I spent most of my time logged in to Warcraft today doing island expedition’s, World Quest, and leveling up a hunter alt.

It was nothing to fancy but it seems like leveling seems to be going quickly.

I am not sure what is pushing me to level up a hunter other than I haven’t had the class at max level. Otherwise, Warcraft today for me seemed to be very uneventful.

Funny thing is, the hunter is a gnome. Nothing particularly interesting other then mechanical pets. At this point I’m just doing the leveling up thing until the next raid teir is available for us middle of next month.

I don’t think we have spent enough time with the new patch for me to formulate a full opinion on it.

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Community Spotlight: Frazley Sparkspan

Frazley Sparkspan

Preface: I am aware of some trolling happening during the last live show of the Frazlcast, if you came here to do the same thing, you are wasting your time. Any nasty, trolling comment on this or any other post to this blog will be removed. I will not tolerate bullying. Find another hobby & have a nice life. Duces!


1. You host several different podcast about wow & other geeky topics. What is the best thing about hosting all of these shows?

Getting to work on my communication skills. Getting to speak about passions of mine. Getting to hopefully inspire/make someone’s day feel better. Finally, getting to engage with people. I have met so many friends through it, as well as seen friendships fostered because of it. I know it is more than 1 thing, but I love it!

2. What are some of the podcast you enjoy listening to?

My podcast list is so varied and huge. Shoutout to Castro app on iPhone, as it lets me queue up podcasts to play. I love listening to WoW/Blizzard podcasts like All Things Azeroth, The Starting Zone, Lagging Balls, The Worgen’s Howl, Convert to Raid (HI DAD!!!), The Blue Recluse, Raiding with Lisia and so many more WoW podcasts (There are so many good ones, I don’t mean to leave any out! If I didn’t mention yours, it doesn’t mean I don’t listen!). I listen to podcasting podcasts like The School of Podcasting, She Podcasts, Libsyn’s The Feed, Better Podcasting and so many others! I listen to fiction podcasts like Welcome to Nightvale. I listen to one-off podcasts like Missing Richard Simmons and Heaven’s Gate. I just love the variety of podcasts out there! You name a topic, you can find a podcast. If not, I CHALLENGE YOU TO MAKE ONE!! 😀

3. Do you have any advice for someone who is getting into a creative things (like podcasting, art, blogging, music, etc.)?

Keep at it! Set a schedule for yourself that is manageable, and keep at it! Forgive yourself for mistakes & missed deadlines, but KEEP AT IT! Your passion will shine through. Don’t strive for perfection, strive for quality, but at some point just let the product you made go free into the wild! You will learn from it! Your initial/current creations won’t be like your past ones, or your future ones! If it’s a passion, keep going back to that well of passion and don’t ever give up!

4. In your podcast, you have mentioned that you enjoy walking for exercise. Where do you gather the daily motivation to complete the walk daily?

I owe a lot of accountability to my Fitbit app. Been using it since November of 2014, after buying it on impulse at a Target after drinking a coffee around 8:30 PM with a friend. The Fitbit keeps count of my step goal, and I go on walks to help me reach that goal. I also listen to podcasts, and sometimes audio books, as it gives me something to do while walking. There are days where due to time/weather/etc. that I can’t get my walks, so the Step Goal helps a lot.

5. Also, in your podcast you mention your love of coffee. When did you start drinking coffee & what is your favorite currently? What coffee did you drink before that you will not drink now?

I started drinking coffee in 2011 when I dropped pop from my daily/hourly intake. I needed something to offset water, as 24/7 water can get boring. I love my coffee black with either Splenda, or recently Toffee-Nut Syrup at Starbucks. I drank Frappuccino’s, or as I call them Adult-Style Milkshakes, until I realized how much caffeine they lack. I think my blood is half-blood and half-coffee.

6. You also mentioned ballroom dancing is a hobby, how long have you been dancing & how did you get into that?

I started about 9 years ago. My first episode of Be Great TODAY talks about it as well. Got inspired by Malcolm In The Middle when they had episodes on ballroom dancing. I attended a group lesson, and then kept at it week after week. There were moments of “drought” where I didn’t take it as seriously as I do now. I love it though, because I get to perform for an audience, get to constantly improve & learn and that feeling of leading someone through a dance move. They get to be shown off for the awesome person they are, and I get to help get them there.

7. Can you tell your Warcraft story (how you got introduced to the game)?

I played other MMOs like Anarchy Online & Star Wars Galaxies. I saw WoW being discussed on GameSpy (wow, that site is gone!) ;( I got into the open beta, and then it was over. WoW became part of my being on Christmas 2004. I left for a bit due to losing my community after my guild split over DKP. I dabbled in single player games, a period of no-gaming and then some MMOs like FFXIV and ESO. I had a stint of WoW in 2010-2011. In 2016, after feeling the urge to return for so long, I finally plunged back in. I set my roots into WoW, intentionally found a community to be part of. The podcasts have helped keep me invested in WoW. I am here to stay now! There is just something magical about WoW and it’s community! I am never leaving again!

8. You have a gnomish crush on Addie Fizzlesong, what would your first date look like in Azeroth?

Addie and I are in a complicated state. I feel she has been seeing other hunters at the Trueshot Lodge. She hasn’t returned my messages on BNet. I am currently enjoying the single-Gnome life! So much less hassle and I get to focus my time on my true love, the game of World of Warcraft. OH, sorry, got carried away. You asked what my first date would look like. We have had a few dates. The first one we went on was in Dalaran. I couldn’t find her in Dalaran because the two banks always gets me lost. We went shopping, bought her an Elek at the toy store. We went to the Ledgermain Lounge. Had a great dinner. She had flying on the isles at the time, so we went on a flight around the Isles. Laughed so much. I do miss her. Addie, if you are reading this, I love you! Please return my messages and letters! The Postmaster has banned me from sending you letters now.

9. With a new expansion on it’s way, what are you looking forward to most I’m “Battle For Azeroth”?

I’m looking forward to the return to the WoW roots. The Quality of Life changes they are bringing. The new Warfronts and Islands. The new continents. There are just so many things that breathe life into the game. I also love that we are getting a break from green!

10. With the return to the factional divide in “Battle For Azeroth”, Horde or Alliance?

ALLIANCE all the way! I plan to have a few Horde alts on the Lagging Balls guild (Hi Thyst and Thorn), but I love my Alliance in the CtR guild on Aerie Peak! I will be Maining Alliance. Alliance just speaks to me, from the cities to the leaders to the immaculate look of their fortresses across Azeroth. I tried to Main a Horde for a few months, I just couldn’t get into it–which is weird as Red is my favorite color. I wouldn’t mind if the factional divide gets broken in BfA, or at least being able to group up with my Horde friends. I know so many great Horde! I joke about Alliance pride, but I love my Horde friends….even if I still struggle with how Varian died.

11. So, the final question, where can people find you on the Internet?

You can hear me weekly at FrazlCast.com. Check out my other shows, like Be Great TODAY and The Frazley Report at WeeklyAwesome.com!

Zephirah’s Adventure: Podcast!

Community Spotlight: Xortz

xortz1.) What got you into the playing Warcraft?

I played Warcraft 2 a lot, and loved the whole orc vs. human set up. I got into WoW though an ex girlfriend back in Burning Crusade.  Missed most of Wrath of the Lich King and came back just before Cataclysm dropped. Been here ever since, mainly doing the Ironman Challenge these days.

2.) How often do you play games (not just Warcraft – but in general!)?

I play daily, video games is my main form of entertainment these days.  MMO’s RPG’s, RTS, Sim games, I love all of them.

3.) You play a Goblin, some players hate the starting zone & find them & their alliance counterparts the gnome hard to play due to how small they are. How have you adjusted to the size differences?

The size difference doesn’t bother me. I barely notice it. The goblin starting zone is too fun and silly for me.  Best starting zone in the game.

4.)How often do you raid (including LFR & any previous expansion’s raid’s / all available raids) & What game mechanic do you like the most/least in WoW?

I haven’t raided since the end of Cataclysm. Just got sick of the constant demand on my time it required and how it seemed to turn good people toxic if things screwed up. Walked away from it and have had no desire to go back.

5.) What is your favorite instance & boss fight (it can be from any expansion)?

Can’t say I ever had one. But it’s been so long since I’ve done any I’m sure there was one, but I can’t recall it.

6.) You stream WoW, what is the best & worst thing about streaming?

Best thing, having people just come and hang out and have fun. Worst thing is when Twitch or my internet is having an issue and drops frames to the point where I can’t stream. FeelsBadMan. Seems I hit a character limit part, incoming! 🙂

7.) You have been a guest on FrazleCast, Wyrmcast, & WoW Challenges, what is your favorite thing about podcasting?

Well when I was hosting the Wyrmcast ( A podcast that interviewed different RP guilds on the Wyrmest Accord server) it was meeting other players, getting their story of how they got into RP and video games. And what the story of their characters and guilds were. Being a fairly regular guest on  both Frazlcast and WoW Challenges is mainly just getting to hang out with good people taking about things we love in WoW and gaming. I feel really lucky to be a part of two great communities.

8.) What are some of your favorite podcast? (This can include the ones you have been a guest on!)

WoW Challenges and Frazlcast obviously.  Lagging Balls is always a fun one, Realm Maintenance, Behind the Avatar, Pwncast and a newer one called For The Roleplay are one’s I listen to regularly.

9.) With a new expansion on its way, what are you looking forward to the most in “Battle For Azeroth”?

Well the zone level scaling is going to change how and where players level. Plus the new sub races seem very cool; however, I was hoping for murloc’s. I would play the hell out of a murloc.

You can follow Xortx on Twitter @xortzthegoblin or you can watch him stream on Twitch here!

Community Spotlight: Thyst

ThystOn a weekly basis I am going to focus on a member of the Blizzard or gaming communities that I am a member of. As you can tell from the title, Community Spotlight, I did a short interview with Thyst. She is a host of Lagging Balls & also a regular on the podcast “Battle Net News”.  At the end of the interview you can see links for Lagging Balls & Thyst personal twitter.

Thank you so much Thyst for having Blood of the Scribe be a wonderful community on Bolderfist, you rock!

1.) What brought you into the playing Warcraft?  

I started playing WoW because I had been playing the Warcraft games on my Father’s work laptop since I was a little kid (always Orc).

2.) How often do you play games (not just warcraft – but in general!)?

I play games every day. WoW every single day and Overwatch usually too. I raid three nights a week and never seem to run out of things to do in WoW.

3.) I know you have attended Blizzcon, what other conventions have you attended?

The only other conventions I’ve been to besides BlizzCon were some small-scale collector’s conventions in Ottawa, Ontario (my home province), and I got to go to C2E2 in Chicago a few years ago for an article I was writing. Got to meet Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy) and I was so nervous I could hardly speak!

4.) What do you like most/least about conventions?

I like the passion that people bring for the things they love to conventions. It’s hard to find a social function with that much positivity and inclusiveness anywhere else.

5.) How often do you raid & What game mechanic do you like the most/least in WoW?

As I said, I raid three times a week. Twice with my main Heroic group and once with a Normal group. I absolutely love raiding (it might be my most favorite thing to do in game). Lately I’ve noticed a lot of “balls” or orbs in raid mechanics – seriously, think about it. Balls everywhere lately. I LOVE it. What I dislike the most is any mechanic that pulls or pushes me around – it’s hard to deal with movement mechanics like that sometimes as a Mage because I’d rather stand still please!

6.) What is your favorite instance & boss fight (it can be from any expansion)?

That’s a really hard question. I LOVED Elisande in Nighthold, and I love Eonar in Anotrus. Not sure either is my favourite, however. I’ll have to give that more thought I guess!

7.) You host a podcast, Lagging Balls, what are some of your favorite podcast to listen to?

This is an even harder question. I tend to make friends with the people who do my favourite Blizzard podcasts and I’d be scared to mention some while forgetting others. So besides all the wonderful and diverse Blizzard podcasts I love, my favourite podcast is SMODcast and it was the first podcast I ever listened to!

8.) With a new expansion on its way, what are you looking forward to the most in “Battle For Azeroth”?

For BfA I’m looking forward to a renewed interest in Faction pride. Mine has never ever wavered, but I delight in seeing people being proud of their faction (Horde especially, of course).

9.) If you could say anything to Ion, your crush, what would that be?

If I could say anything to Ion right now I think it would be, “I’m sorry.”