Zephirah’s Adventure: Office Hours

dsc0673I very recently stumbled upon Adam’s youtube page while doing research for a D&D group that I was building a character sheet for. I wanted to learn more about the class that I had chosen to play and BOOM.

I really think that Adam has a lot of good ideas, has a very firm grasp on the rules of the game, and honestly a sassy attitude that I can get behind. In some ways, If I was not so new to Dungeons and Dragons, we are very similar in personalities. I tend to learn from people that have a bunch of experience in what my interest are. This case is no exception.

I do want to toss a word of caution out here for you guys and girls, their is a fair amount of cursing to where I try to limit the amount of them in a written form. I am not apologizing for what he is going to say language wise but If you will listen I am sure you will agree with the sediment.

So, how did you like the episode? Fantastic! (Yes, I loved it as well!)

Did any of you have similar situations to the writers / callers in the video? I would really love to know what you think.

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