Warcraft Wednesday: War Campaign 8.1.5!

Please note that this post is filled with spoilers! If you have not completed the War Campaign for 8.1.5 and do not want to ruin the experience, please stop here!

I have been moving forward pretty quickly with the Alliance War Campaign each time new quest populates. On the first quest, “Loose Ends” we find out that the Horde broke out Lady Ashvane  from Tol
Dagor. We have no idea where she went to or what she is up to.

Then we are sent to collect evidence, letters, and have then deciphered by Haughton Francis. We take that deciphered letter back to Boralus and hand it over to the High Commander. We figure out with in the mix of things that Rexxar and Valtrois are the ones who broke out Lady Ashvane and delivered her to Sylvanas. We also figure out during some point, Derek Proudmoore was raised by Sylvanas. Prompting Baine Bloodhoof to reach out to the Proudmoore family and letting Jaina know about her brother.

Sylvanas knew what Baine was going to do. After the deed was done, the Horde have a meeting in Stormsong Valley. The cut scene was absolutly a wonderful end to the questing!

It took me some time to get through everything; however, I am happy that Bane took a stand against Sylvanas.

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