Thursday Though’s: The Miscellaneous Podcast!

Doing creative things, no matter the form, is always fun. It is even better with friends.

Pauly and I met via World Of Warcraft years ago. The guild, Convert To Raid, fostered that friendship. I am absolutely thankful for how our path’s crossed.

Just as a forewarning to all of you, Pauly and most of the guest on “The Miscellaneous Podcast” have a very colorful scene of humor. I always have been known to be the same. The dirty random dick jokes, ramped swears, and random blurting out of the word “boobs” is always something our friend group has done. Anyone that knows me at least a little bit, or has spent any amount of time, knows that is my style. The inappropriate jokes are always something I have done even if I try to leave the blog as PG as possible.

The giggles that at times are contagious. Honestly, I never intend to offend; however, to bust out a dirty joke is something that makes me happy.

On that note, take a listen to all of the jokes that the crew at the Miscellaneous Podcast has to offer.

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