Featured Blog: Ann In Azeroth!

Ann In Azeroth.JPGThis week in the World Of Warcraft blog-a-sphere we are featuring Ann In Azeroth. I found her via Z and Cinder’s blogging challenge.

Upon reading, Ann is very funny, quick witted. The post are very detailed & a pleasant read. Please take the time to visit her blog!

You can visit her blog at https://anninazeroth.wordpress.com! (Also clickable!)

Pet Parade: Top 10 Favorite Battle Pets!

top10battlepetsI have been a fan of Pokémon since I was young. Because of that little fact, I have a love of Battle Pet’s in Warcraft. This will be a list of my top 10 Battle Pets.

I will link the battle pets, for informational purposes, to Warcraft Pets!

  1. Arcane Eye (Warcraft Pets) is a magical pet that can be found in Deadwind Pass starting at level 17.
  2. Anubisath Idol (Warcraft Pets) is a drop from Emperor Vek’lor in the Temple of Ahn’Quiraj.
  3. Chuck (Warcraft Pets) is a quest reward from “Crocolisks In The City” in Shattrath.
  4. Baby Ape (Warcraft Pets)  can be found in in The Cape of Straglethorn when it is raining.
  5. Pint-Sized Pachyderm (Warcraft Pets) is a Brewfest pet! He is just so cute!
  6. Twilight Clutch-sister (Warcraft Pets) is a drop from Valiona in The Bastion of Twilight instance!
  7. Kirin Tor Familiar (Warcraft Pets) is a reward from the Higher Learning achievement!
  8. Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling (Warcraft Pets) can be found in Twilight Highlands.
  9. Squirky (Warcraft Pets) can be found in on Seabreak Isle, just off the north-western coast of Azuna.
  10. Frostwolf Ghostpup (Warcraft Pets) This companion is a rare tier Draenor Clans archeology item that you acquire after solving 175 fragments.

March 2018: This Month In Warcraft!

Time flies when you are having fun! Can not even believe that it is already March. This will be another month jam packed with a lot of fun!

February 27th to March 6th: Pet Battle Event Week! (wowhead)

March 4th – 10th: Dark Moon Faire! (wowhead)

March 5th – 9th: Trial Of Style! (wowhead)

March 13th – 20th: Timewalking: Cataclysm! (wowhead)

March 17th – 19th: Un’goro Madness! (wowhead)

March 20th – 27th: Arena Skirmish’s & PVP Brawl: Deep 6!

March 27th – April 3rd: World Quest!

Battle For Azeroth Alpha!

bfawowOn Wednesday, The 7th of February Blizzard released the Alpha for Battle For Azeroth. It is by invite only!

The invitations may take a while to arrive in your email, but you can check if you are eligible to play the Alpha by refreshing your Battle.net client and checking for the Alpha tag.

Along with the Alpha announcement we also have access to see the updated ui changes.  The additional action bars “Bottom Left Bar” and “Bottom Right Bar”, it now only adds 6 slots instead of the previous 10. In addition, The Game Menu with buttons such as Character Info, Spellbook, Abilities, etc. and well as the Bag has been moved to the bottom right of the screen. It seems to be a lot cleaner then the current ui build!

If you can not tell, I am super hyped for the changes.

Also, as an honorable mention, Hazlenutty had posted a video to youtube about the updated models for battle pets! Check out the video!

Collection Corner: Battle Pets!


Hello, My name is Zephirah, and I am a collector of all the things. Thank you for having me here today at the “collectors anonymous” meeting. I need all of the things, especially the battle pets. I know that a lot of people who are currently experiencing boredom from this expansion, I say get your battle pets out! Dust them off and have some fun.

I know, some people hate the idea of “Pokemon” in World Of Warcraft; however, for me as a collector, am more then happy to go out of my way to play any form of Pokemon in any form that is provided to me.

Also, in the new expansion “Battle For Azeroth”, the pets are getting a visual upgrade, a long with a bunch of other things, including mounts.

If you happen to be a collector like me warcraftpets.com is such a help with information! Please show them support! There is a link on the left side of the blog!

Happy hunting!