Thursday Thought’s: Yay, Work & Baseball!

I am incredibly grateful for the work I happen to do. However that made me late for this blog post today. For that I do apologize.

Annually, I have a full day of training, talks, and hand shakes. It usually is pleasant to see everyone, especially familiar faces! I am just glad I can network and hopefully learn something new. This also marks the beginning of spring for me and I am in full swing of baseball season. I just get so excited for what the “Miracle League” and the MLB teams are going to do this year.

So, if you don’t know what the “Miracle League” is, let me give you the run down! It is a baseball league that allows kids and adults with physical and mental disabilities play. They work with them on their level and I am so excited to see every single player. They are rays of sunshine, really.

Play Ball everyone!

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