Feature Friday: Alternative Chat!

Let me start with the following statement. With any featured blog, video, tweet, or any other from of commentary I post to the blog those are though’s of that particular person. I in no way want to sway their thoughts or opinions. I would rather like to have a conversation on the topic at hand. I am not going to openly have a salty take on things here either.

In other words, if you are going to be a jerk, this is not the place for it.

On that note, I found Alternative Chat’s “The End of the Innocence” post interesting. You can read their entire post here! (Clicky Clicky!)

In their post, and I am quoting here. “I am not here to tell you how to spend your cash. I cannot also reasonably direct anyone to stop enjoying something they clearly love and appreciate based on business decisions. The whole mantra of ‘let people enjoy what they do’ needs to continue to be sung, for as long as people have the capacity to do so. How that happens is nobody else’s business but yours.” That statement I absolutely agree with. Who are you, Alternative Chat’s author, any other player of Warcraft, and I to tell anyone to tell someone how to spend their money? I find people that do that type of thing incredibly insulting and to be quite honest an absolute jerk bag.

Alternative Chat pointed out the new mount on the Blizzard store was only meant to be for Korean player base. I will entertain the idea that they have in their post as well that it is a flying, blue colored mount that is a skin of the fox mount from Legion that could be obtained via your Class Hall Mission table. I was lucky enough to get the said mount in my collection. I use it often. Honestly, I do not know weather or not I am going to spend the cash to get it because of the other various mounts in game that I have yet to get to drop that I, as a collector, would love to have.

Is it a cash grab? Sure. Whatever terms you want to use there. However, paying for mounts from the Blizzard online store is not something new. This is also true for Battle Pets. (My previous statement about collecting in game Battle Pets in game over purchasing them still stands in this situation!)

Basically, with the changes within the company recently, one that is out there for making money. With the end of the Heroes of the Storm esports and the release globally of the mount, in the long run, making money is in mind. Do I hate that people lost their jobs? Hell yes. It is also just before the holiday season. It just plain sucks.

I just hope that their is some way to work things out in the future to have the esports for Hero’s at a smaller scale. I know people love that game and the esports behind it. How to accomplish that? I have no idea.


Basically, if you like the mount and want to get it – do so. If not then don’t. Also, remember that there are people behind the pixels. You know, actual humans. Practice being kind even if you do not like what happened.

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