Zephirah’s Adventure: Easily Distracted By Dragons?

dragon.pngFor my readers that have been reading for a while, thank you. For those of you that are new here, welcome! I am going to make a completely obvious statement.

I am a huge nerd. I wave that flag proudly.

I even have a coffee cup that says “Nerds Rule” on it.

To answer the obvious title to this post. Am I easily distracted by dragons? Yes, I am. Obviously. This is not one of those moments or post where you should be hearing Talisen gently expressing to the fans that things are “a shit show, obviously!”

Dragon, the word itself, derives from the Latin language.  Draconem (nominative draco) meaning “huge serpent”; however,  it does not imply that there is any sort of mythological connotation’s to the word.  Also, the word comes from the ancient Greek word “draconta,” meaning “to watch,” suggesting that the beast guards valuables.

There is a long rich history of dragons and they were thought of as being the exotic animal that sometimes protective of the tower or princess. At other times vicious and dangerous creatures. Honestly, there is so much history that it is hard to sum up in a few short paragraph’s for a blog post and it is hard to figure out when or where the origin’s of the dragon started from. I would like to go into detail however, In this case the Wikipedia page for dragons does a great job of going into detail. It is a great and fantastic read. (Click here for the article!)

Another great recourse is from the American Museum of Natural History. They go into great detail and have sections that you can click through for some great information. (Link!)

I think I blabbered enough about dragons for the day. At least enough for a blog post anyhow! I will leave you with one of my favorite song’s by Imagine Dragons. Enjoy!

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Warcraft: Last Week Of Legion!

Not all expansions are created equal. Each has their own issues and good parts to them. With that being stated, Legion has been one of the better expansion experiences that I have had.

Not sure if I would put it at number one but at least it was a solid experience.

I also know that I have mixed feelings going into the next expansion for a couple of reasons. I am sure some of my worries or things I have on a list that are a cause for a concern are going to work out better then what I expect. I have to give the Battle For Azeroth expansion more of a chance before I go full tilt nerd rage on it. Let’s face it – with all the drama already surrounding it up until this point has been a shit show.


I dont want to be one of those guys or gals that complain without knowing what the hell I am talking about or even before I see it and have a chance to test it out on live. Criticism is only good if it is constructive.

Even with the mix of emotions that I have, I am looking forward to Battle For Azeroth and will have mostly fond memories of Legion. I wanted to take the time for everyone at Blizzard for doing a good job up until this point and I will see the rest of you on the flip side of the expansion launch!


Zephirah’s Adventure: When Music Moves You!

GalantisRecently, I have been listening to a lot of music that would be categorized under the electronic style. However, there is a song that has been in my head for days at this point and can not seem to get enough.

The song is Hunter by Galantis.

Recently, in the D&D campaign that I am currently playing in as a halfling wizard, I had a unsettling feeling that she would be other harmed or end up dead in the recent fight that she was in. If you want to know what happens, please feel free to listen to the podcast for the campaign. I am not going to be spoiling things here. (iTunes Link)

All I can say is two things. The first being is that no Zahara did not die in the fight. The second, I feel terrible for Pierre. My poor sweet Pierre. The next time Zahara is in close proximity of him – he will be getting a hug.

As a side note to all of this is, while thinking that Zahara would die, I made a back up character that is a ranger. I can see this being the ranger’s theme song. However, At the moment, Zahara seems to have taken the song for herself. It is strange to have this sort of connection to a song but it has been making me think forward in a way that I have not yet had the chance with my character in a role play setting. For the sake of the past stuff, I cant change it. The future of her story lies in the hands of the others, and where we would go.

I am not sure weather this just makes me crazy or the fact that I am just really into the song and what is happening. Either way, I am having a good time.


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Magic! The Gathering: Noob By Nature!

Magic-The-Gathering-card backWhen I stated in my previous Monday’s post that I was going to work on putting my cards in the MTGGoldfish database; however, I did not expect to be so enthralled and it take over a lot of my downtime.

I initially wanted to do twenty to twenty five in a day that would take me about ten to twelve days to enter everything in excluding my duplicate’s and the land cards that I have in my current collection. As of right now I have two hundred and fifty nine cards total. Of those cards I have one Mythic and twenty one rares.

According to the site, the grand total of the cards I have is currently $73 total. I was informed to make sure to cross reference the cards with several other sites and to not take the $66 at face value for a few reasons. The first reason, there are different places that could put a higher or lower value on the cards depending on the sheer volume of print of one particular card. Some cards are more common then others. I know this seems to be obvious to the players that have had their hands in the game for a while but for a newer player that is not as obvious.

I have mentioned that I am a noob, right? Right. I am learning though.

AjaniI currently know that I want to build a deck around my Serra Angel card. My little brother mentioned if I ever want to get into a field of play that involves tournaments to and to win said tournaments – I would need to spend some time investing in angel token cards, and others to flush out a few options for possible deck’s. The first card he had suggested to me is Ajani. I fell in love quickly as soon as I started playing a few years ago with what the white deck’s had to offer and I started to ask questions. Based on all the conversations with a few people, I have had thus far is suggesting to me that a white and green combination of cards for a deck is the best choice for me.

Excuse me while my nerdy noobishness is showing!

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August 2018, Book Of The Month: Stardust

stardust.jpgAugust’s book of the month is Stardust by Neil Gaiman. It tells the story of young Tristran Thorn and his adventures in the land of Faerie.

It is described in several places around the internet as a charming fairy tale that weaves a magical story set long ago in the tiny English village of Wall, a place where things are not quite what they seem.

I was looking for something to read and this seemed to tickle my fancy considering I have spent a bunch of time recently playing, reading and doing research for my D&D game and that I have been a long time player of Warcraft.

After reading a bunch of positive reviews on the novel, I decided to give it a go.

Zephirah’s Adventure: Blogging Schedule!

Since the blog’s inception it has had one consistent thing. Change. It has been nothing short of a magical adventure that I have undertaken and I am ecstatic for all of the metamorphosis the blog has undertaken.

With that being stated, I have an updated schedule of topic’s that are going to be posted through out the week.

Monday’s: Magic! The Gathering (MTG)
Tuesday’s: Tunes (music)
Wednesday’s: Warcraft
Thursday’s: Random Topic!

(Topic’s that are not covered through out the rest of the week!)

Friday’s: Feature of the week!

(This will be community based. Weather MTG, Warcraft, or anything that would spark interest at the moment!)

Saturday’s: Zephirah’s Adventure Podcast!

I know I have not mentioned Sunday’s in my list of days or topic combinations. The reason for that is I would like to plan for the following week of post and continue to keep my Sunday evenings available for my D&D Campaign.

Essentially, the blog post have went from Monday, Wednesday & Friday post up to daily with the exception of Sundays. That is a total of three more post weekly. I am taking this on because I have so many interest and want to make sure I am giving the topic’s that I would like to cover enough space to grow. The blog is called “Adventure” for a reason. So why restrict the topic list or post that I would want to post due to keeping at a schedule that does not no longer fit.

While I am here I wanted to thank all of the readers for visiting, reading, liking the post, and listening to me banter on endlessly in the podcast form of the blog. For those of you that have posted comments or provided feedback, a special thank you to you for everything. I have enjoyed our conversations and would love to interact in that capacity more often.

Warcraft: Sylvanas


Warning: This post will have spoilers. This post will also have opinions. My opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Blizzard Entertainment. World of Warcraft and terms, concepts, images, logos, and other materials related to it are trademarked and is copyrighted to Blizzard Entertainment. No Copyright Infringement Intended!

Sylvanas Windrunner is one of the most iconic characters of the Warcraft franchise.

She, before getting stabbed by Arthas’s Frostmourn and becoming the Banshee queen, was the epic Ranger that protected her people. With the loss of her own life while seeing the loss of woman and children in front of her very eyes had lead her to a reckless abandonment of all hope with in her.

As Captain Delanryn Summermoon lays dying, she cries and mourns for the Dark Lady. She indicates that she is not only fighting a war that she has the potential to lose on Azeroth but will always loose when it comes to hope. She could slay the entirety of the alliance forces but hope never dies.

Sylvanas did a plethora of horrific things since she was pierced by Froustmourn – not just ordering the burning down of the world tree.

The other thing that I wanted to touch on is that the Horde as a whole works on honor and we seen a few brief moments of that between Malfurian and Saurfang via the Warbringers animated short and the in game cinimatic’s.

The major thing is that War – in no matter what package it comes in – can and has been known to kill, claim a lot of life’s, and have its own set of villains. Sylvanas has and will forever be known on some level as a villain due to the curse that has taken her over.

Zephirah and her story is allowing her to no longer pledge any allegiance to any faction but to herself and her people.

Just as a side note here, the dark lady is in fact out of her mind. We knew that something was on its way and we were waiting for her to do the unspeakable. She will eventually meet her end. Sylvanas may be the Warchief but she does not express what the horde as a whole want’s or needs. We know that the horde stands for honor even if we have pledged our allegiance to the Alliance.

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