Zephaniah’s Adventure Podcast: Episode 11 !

Zephaniah’s Adventure Podcast: Episode 11 for July 25, 2018 

In this episode Ten Candles, Blaqk Audio, Just Another Magic Monday

Podcast / Community Spotlight: Announcement’s!

This week’s show is going to have a feature of the week, Your WoW Soundtrack & two adventure segments. It is going to be slightly different in its nature when I will referencing of Warcraft, and how taking a break from the game currently is the best option for me. There will be no community spotlight in this weeks episode.

If you are ever interested in participating in any way for the podcast, please feel free to reach out. I do not bite, I promise. Links for twitter and the blog’s discord are available in the show notes.

Twitter: @Zephirah_Zella Discord Link: https://discord.gg/UEnwEKx

Feature Of The Week: Ten Candles!

Post will be available on Friday!

Your WoW Soundtrack, Part 11: Blaqk Audio


The Adventure, Part 1: Just Another Magic Monday!


The Adventure, Part 2: It’s ok to take a break!


Shout Outs:

Enygma, Sparrow, HyperRPG, Mike Ginn, Blaqk Audio & Wizard Of The Coast

Music used in this episode:

“Alchemists Tower”, “Alien Restaurant” & “Division”

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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World of Warcraft and terms, concepts, images, logos, and other materials related to it are trademarked & copyrighted to Blizzard Entertainment. No Copyright Infringement Intended! Until next time, I hope your adventure is awesome!

Until next time, I hope your adventure is awesome!

Warcraft: Legendaries not so legendary!

LEGION-Legendary-infoLegendaries in Legion have been underwhelming according to the community. I happen to agree. On my main, a priest, I happened to collect a total of twelve. After the third the appeal wore off quickly.

With the latest update to the PTR, Build 25826,  you can now turn in one thousand Wakening Essence for a Purified Titan Essence and three hundred for Awoken Titan Essence. Essentially, A free legendary with the Purified Titan Essence. I honestly believe that this option should have been in the live part of the game a while ago. However, I do like the idea & am glad that Blizzard is making efforts to implement the plan.

Sigh, I know I am sounding like I am complaining but I am really not. I just feel bad for the players that do not have a lot time to play the game in comparison to others that have the vast majority of the legendaries. I want the RNG to be a little more balanced.

Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully, all of your drops will be legendary!

Featured Story: “The Egg” by Anthony Weir

Andy Weir

Last Friday’s post featured Andy Weir’s “The Martian” novel.

While looking around the web to learn more about the author, I found a short story called “The Egg”. It is available to read online for free. The link for it is here!

I also wanted to link the video adaptation from YouTube here as well. Enjoy!


Weekly Reset: Upcoming Events in Azeroth!

The fireworks celebration in game on Monday was awesome! I always enjoy them at the end of the year. Now we are looking forward at what this month has in store for us!

From now to the 9th of January the Battleground Bonus Event is up! Starting Sunday, January 7th to Saturday, January 13th the Darkmoon Faire is back. I have always loved the concerts there and to gather all of the pets! Even the petting zoo at the Darkmoon Faire is fun. To learn more about the Darkmoon Faire visit Blizzard’s page here or WoWhead’s page here for a guide!

January 9th to the 16th is the Legion Dungeon Event. That means that while the event is active, the final boss of each Legion dungeon awards an extra item when defeated!

The weekly event for the 16th of January to the 23rd is Pet Battles! While the event is active, your pets will earn experience at triple the usual rate! So, get out there and battle. During this event as well you will have a quest to defeat five players at a PvP Pet battle. You can earn charms for this & it is worth it! Also, as a tip, you should be doing your garrison (and yes your garrison still exist!) menagerie daily quest and any world quest on the Broken Shore. That will also earn you pet charms.  If you need help setting up your menagerie, wowhead has a wonderful guide that will help you along here!

From the 23rd to the 30th Burning Crusade Time walking! Call of the Scarab is January 21st to the 23rd & last but not least, the Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl is January 30th!

This month has a lot to do! Good luck and may your drops be legendary!


Hi, My name is Andrea. I am giving this a go as a new years resolution. I am not sure where this will take me, but I am up for trying!

I am a World Of Warcraft player. I am a proud member of the Convert to Raid community on the Aerie Peak server.  I have been playing wow since Cataclysm. (Shortly before actually. However I am not counting that!) I also have toon’s in Alea Iacta Est on Earthen Ring. Since we were talking about New Year’s Resolutions, my goal for Battle For A zeroth is to have every class and spec at max level. For the Horde & Alliance.

I have been in CTR (Convert To Raid) for three and a half years. Not that AIE is a bad guild. I just wanted to play Alliance a little more this expansion. I figured since I shown interest in being an officer of the guild to pull my priest Zephirah, the toon that I have had since day one, into the Alliance fold.

I do; however, miss the Horde side of things. A lot more then I thought I would. AIE has a lot of good people. They do equal CTR for great people & lets face it the two guilds have been wonderful in a plethora of way’s. Yes, every guild has its issues. Especially mega guilds like these two are. Nothing is perfect or what you ever expect it to be. I do think though, you get what you put into it. If you are a positive person that tries, then you will not go unnoticed. Kindness in and out of video games is very important. Everyone has a bit of awesome in them, even behind the pixels.

With that being said, I recently have joined a different guild for the Horde. Blood of The Scribe. It is very different then the previous two guilds. The others are very PG13 and BotS is very NC17. If you happen to drop an F bomb or dirty joke, it is fine. Just as long as your not a complete butt-head and being rude to people, then you are fine. I am falling in love with this guild quickly. For all the personalities & quick witted things we see in guild chat.

So, that’s my Warcraft story. I also enjoy Diablo, Starcraft & Hearthstone.  I currently do not play Overwatch on my pc but on my brother’s Xbox, every once and a while. I pretty much enjoy everything Blizzard has produced.

Other then video games, I enjoy a wide array of music. Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Industrial, Electronica, Dubstep. There are few pop related songs I like, but not much. I can have full conversations about a bunch of artist that I love.

I also enjoy reading and would love to read a novel a month for the year 2018.

My goal / New Years Resolution for this space is to wright blogs about video games (not just blizzard stuff even though that will be the biggest focus!), Music, Book’s that I would be reading or would like to read, and any other random geeky things I find to be interesting.

I believe at the moment I would like to publish three days a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It will very on what the post will contain but the goal here is to have fun. I will post a  topic schedule soon!

Thank you for reading! Happy New year! I wish you a happy 2018 & good times!

Rock on ~ Andrea AKA Zephirah