Summer 2019: Where have I been?

Its been since just before my birthday in April that I posted here. I figured to give myself some time off.

Truth be told, I think I was giving myself way to much to do with all the topics I was covering and with medial issues that cropped up on top of working, I was in no mindset to blog or produce a podcast.

I had promised myself that I had to miss doing it before I came back and to feel strong enough to sit down and type for more then a couple hours at a time. Now is that time. I am not going to sugar coat anything because I dont believe reading the post full of bullshit or trying to win someone over will do the trick. I also always try to hold myself to “be the same online as if someone was standing in front of me in real life.” and it has served me pretty well over the years.

On that note, I have thought about what the topics are going to be about and I honestly have no idea. I have not played Warcraft much over the summer for the reasons already listed. I also believe I got burnt out a little bit. Not that I don’t love the game still, I just needed a break, and honestly its been good. I have played the first three weeks of the Diablo 3 season and I am having a blast. I have learned a lot. As far as Diablo, I really am enjoying myself and there are already a bunch of podcast and blogs out there that are good tools for you to use and I do not want to take away from them at all.

The other thing that I have been doing less of is D&D, for the same reasons, and honestly I am working on building a campaign that I want to work out and that I, in the end, be very proud of. By this time next year I want to have it all written down, play tested a few times, and ready for the first go through with players. Honestly, I am nervous about how people will respond to it but I am sure in the end with all the resources online and really good players, and fellow DM’s, that will launch me into a good set of sessions with the players.

So, my plan for the blog for now? To have a post up at least two to three times a week with a verity of topics, and not stick to the normal schedule that I did last time. Yes, boys and girls, it will be random!

Thanks for being here and following the blog for as long as you all have!

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Zephirah Black

Pro coffee chugger, casual twitch viewer, bacon enthusiast, Rubber Chicken! Proud member of the CTR community! Supporter Of TWLOHA!

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