Warcraft Wednesday: What’s in your bags?

Greetings and welcome to another ‘Warcraft Wednesday’ post! Today I decided to tackle another challenge from Z & Cinder’s Blogging challenge that I thought would be fun to do!

Whoa, thats a lot of cloth!

As you can see I have been gathering quite a bit of cloth to create bags over the expansion. I have a lot of enchanting reagent’s as well. The biggest thing that you will notice is that my priest has not transitioned into the newest bags for BFA. I have not felt the need to transition over because I feel like I have enough room for what I need.

I wanted to thank Z & Cinder for the blogging challenge! If you wanted to try any of their challenges please visit their site.


Thank you for visiting the page today & for joining me on this adventure.

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Zephirah Black

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