Meditation Monday: Hey, look a new thing is happening!

Greetings readers! I know this is something new for you. Change is always something that is a huge undertaking and for the most part good.

In early November of 2018 I had decided to begin my journey with the practice officially. So far, I have been a lot more calm and able to focus on things that need my attention with ease. With a set meditation schedule and working out, life overall has been a lot more peaceful.

Recently the ‘Meditation & Mindful’ discord community that I am a member of had a forgiveness guided meditation led by one of the admins. The following day a newer member of the server posted a video of a guided meditation of the same topic. Coincidence? More then likely. However, the spring does bring renewal, the promise of warmer weather and a future of summer.

It was a breath of fresh air to hear the words Greg was speaking during the meditation. The ability to be at peace and to let go of the hurt that is pent up in the heart. To actually forgive and ask for forgiveness of any pain you may have caused. At first, I was resistant. Then I thought to myself one singular word and question. Why? Why would you hold on to the burden of hurt, pain, the heaviness. Why hold that in your mind, make your heart heavy, and be a bitter person. Honestly, carrying all that around made me depressed at times. Letting that go and to be forgiven made me feel light.

Here are both video’s. Enjoy!

Watch Guided Forgiveness Meditation: Good for anxiety, depression, and self-harm! from ProjectMindfulness on

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Thank you for visiting the page today & for joining me on this journey.

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