Zephirah’s Musical Adventure: Jim Butler!

Greetings, this week in the musical adventure I wanted to do something a little different. I have been listening to Jim Butler for a number of years. About 12 actually. I remember when I first listened to his music on a cold January morning in 2007.

I found his “Dark Ambient 2.0” podcast fairly early on by looking for something to listen to via iTunes. Once I started to listen the vibe felt different then what I was listening to at the time and was hocked instantaneously.

Recently I have been listening to a slew of classical music when I am at the gym with a mix of chill house music. I know that sounds weird as all get out but it helps me keep my own pace. The following video from Jim I have also incorporated into the list of things to listen to as while working out.

I find that the sound the singing bowls assisted me with focus, staying mindful, and having the ability to work out to the fullest with out having some thumping noise in my headphones. It chills me out to a point that is unexplainable.

So far, it has been working for me. I have lost nine pounds so far. That makes me feel happy and in the long run I will become a healthier version of myself.

To learn more about Jim and his work visit his website here: https://www.jimbutlermusic.com

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Zephirah Black

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