Thursday Thoughts: Whoops!

So, I made a slight mistake. With work, running errands, and all the other things that have been going on I missed the Wednesday post. Warcraft has been fun; however, this week we are going to skip it entirely. You will get a post next week, promise! In its place for the Tuesday post, I provided a Bellular video because he is awesome and overall I agree with what he put together in the video!

So, moving right along into the “Thursday Thought’s” Post! Today as I was running errands and working I found myself in the book section at Walmart and found a coloring book that caught my eye. As soon as I could, I sat the coloring book on my desk, cracked it open, and swiftly grabbed my gel pens. Coloring is very cathartic for me. It helps me to focus, and to be mindful of my posture and breathing. It is quite a unique way to meditate and it will not work for everyone.

Once I have everything colored in I will post the final image in a post. I am hoping to have this done by next Thursday.

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