Thursday Thoughts: My diffuser makes me happy!

I know this seems to be a strange topic. Diffuser’s? Essential Oil’s?

Strange for this blog? Probably; however, Yes, it actually makes me happy. As I am hitting the keys on my keyboard it smells of lemon’s and a crisp fall day in my room. Makes me think of Thanksgiving, and the good memories with family and friends around a dinner table, eating good food, and most importantly the love we share.

The reason for the lemon smell or “flavor” is because it helps with
Used to aid digestion, mood, and headaches. Headaches and migraines are something that I have dealt with for years and it really tends to curb the tension for me.

The ultimate message that I want to give to you is that just because their is a bunch of information floating around the Internet, make sure to do your own research. Each person is different and will enjoy different smells or flavors. Just as a side note, just because it works for me, does not mean that you will even remotely like it or have the desire to try it. Essential oils are generally considered safe to inhale or apply to the skin, as long as they’ve been combined with a base oil. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

In the long run, I know that the smell of Roses and Lavender wafting from the door to my room through out the rest of my house makes me think of spring & makes me smile.

Thank you for listening to my random banter today!

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