Warcraft Wednesday: Free Weekend?

So, if you have not been in World of Warcraft for a little while and want to get back into Azeroth, this weekend would be a good time to give it a go.

This promotion will run March 21st to the 24th. That would mean, If you did not purchase the current expansion, you will have access to the trial content of Battle for Azeroth, meaning you play for three hours or up to A Nation Divided quest for the Alliance or We Need Each Other in Horde’s case.

For those of you with an active and current account for Warcraft, greetings for being shafted! Just hope you have some friends to come back for the weekend at least.

I think this could be good for reeling players back in for various reasons. Seeing new stuff for players who may have quit back in Legion could have a great experience with the weekend event. Just make sure to have the Battle.net launcher downloaded and ready for patching by Friday.

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