Thursday Thought’s: Podcast is moving to monthly!

I know I am dropping a huge bomb on everyone here.

I just wanted everyone to know what to look forward to when it comes to be blog and podcast. I am still going to be actively doing the podcast. The reason why I chose to do it this way if for a few reasons.

The first reason is it will make the podcast longer then eight to ten minuets with out a guest. The secondary reason is time investment over the summer will be limited for me and I want to produce the best podcast that I can. The third is that it will give me time to look for a full time cohost. As you all know I have been searching for a while.

I absolutly love that you chose to listen to the podcast up to this point, and read the blog. For that I can not thank you enough.

You can find the podcast on all of your favorite pod-catchers! Here is a list of all of the available places. Yes, click no your favorite!

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