Warcraft Wednesday: Support The Game’s You Love!

I have unofficially played World Of Warcraft for twelve years, officially since two months before the drop of Cataclysm. Over these years, access to news, rumors, and a plethora of other stories have boomed due to the rise of social media.

In 2012, Blizzard released six hundred of its employees [Source]. Activation-Blizzard released eight hundred of their employees. Their reason’s are the release of a lot of their esports devision was not as conducive as a business model as they would have liked. Energies, money, man power would need to go elsewhere. I understand completely. As a business, cutting down on projects that are not earning a company money or costing them more to produce then of course moving on is the best.

I just do not understand why sign on and larger bonus’s for anyone in the company is a thing. Let me tell you the operative word in the previous sentence, ANYONE. I know that sounds harsh for the average working person to hear that their is no room to gather bonus’s; however, if the business really wants to save money, this is one major way to do so. I am not saying some of the bonus monies are not well deserved but to keep your head above water and ‘restructure’, keeping a bonus for employees does not make the slightest bit of common sense.

I know I have a business mind, and it is pretty much cut and dry for me when it comes to ventures like that; however, I also do care about the games that Blizzard has released over the years. Some more then others of course. I also know by being concerned for people who may or may not have lost their job recently. I know it sucks. No matter the way you spin it. I also know by being salty and tossing around the thought that players will not support the game due to all of the recent negative attention.

I get your pissed off; however, if you are enjoying the game, then why quit? Now for those of you that are not having a good time with the game’s Blizzard has to offer, at all, then I get it. Why pay for something that you don’t like or even play as much anymore.

What I am saying is if you like Hearthstone, Diablo, Starcraft, Hero’s Of The Storm, and Warcraft even with their flaw’s then why not help Blizzard out by giving constructive criticism? We all know nothing will ever be perfect. I also want to support the good people that also love these games too. By giving them space, helping them grow, and being better people and being a good member of whatever game and gaming community I just so happen to be a member of.

I also want to point out that I had read an article that is an interesting read and found it informative, even with the salt. Read it here: https://www.fanbyte.com/trending/kiss-my-ass-activision-blizzard/

Also, Az had some great points as well! You can watch his video below:

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