MTG Monday: Eldrazi Mimic!

Over the weekend I went to a local gaming store that sold a bunch of older games and various systems. They just so happened to have a small selection of Magic! The Gathering cards available to purchase. They had Oath of the Gatewatch, Ixalan, and Ravnica Allegiance booster pack’s. My eyes focused on Gatewatch, so I picked a pack up.

When I got home I put my stuff away and sat the pack on my desk. I opened up the MTGGoldfish website and busted open the pack of cards. Upon opening the pack, I got some very basic cards. Their was one card that caught my eye. That card being Eldrazi Mimic. A creature that swaps power and toughness with another colorless creature when it enters the battlefield.

The flavor text is “It is consistently inconsistent.”

I found that tag line absolutely hilarious and true.

To take a look at the card, please visit the following:

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