Thursday Though’s: A Night To Shine!

By the time this post is live on the blog there will be a little over 24 hours for the Tim Tebow Foundation’s “Night To Shine” and I am super excited. If you do not know what the event is, let me take some time to explain. It is a prom for children and adults with disabilities. This year will mark the third year that I will be attending the event as a buddy.

Last year, after the prom, I got sick. It was so worth it. I just so happened to be a guest on the podcast “Frazlcast” with Frazley and he said I sounded like Minni Mouse. For the fantastic time I had just to see the the children smile.

I just wanted to take a time to say thank you to all of the volunteers, the church’s that host the event, to the foundation for putting the event together, and for all of the children who have such a great time.

To learn more about the Tim Tebow Foundation, please visit their website.

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