Warcraft Wednesday: How To Be Unpopular in the Warcraft World!

Greetings fellow gamers. In this Warcraft Wednesday post we are going to talk about toxicity within the game we love. Just as a note for the readers, I am not painting the entire player base like this. I also know a bunch of players that are absolutely fantastic. This post is also generalizing a lot of situations or things that I have seen happen within the game. Hopefully you do not have to deal with this type of thing within Warcraft.

So, lets start with Trade Chat. Trade Chat at times can be filled with name calling, political talk that turns ugly, or some random conversation that turned bad. I honestly do not mind to have a conversation with someone or a group of people that I happen to disagree with. The only thing I ask for is the conversation be civil. No need to turn to name calling or be nasty with someone who just so happens to have a different opinion. That type of situation is getting old and honestly, most players are of an adult age. We as a whole should know better. I often find myself other not paying attention to chat because of it or putting trade chat in its own window in the UI and not ever clicking on that tab.

The second thing I want to address is instances. Not the mechanic’s or the instance themselves. What I am talking about here is when a tank or a healer or random dps does something wrong or does not have enough healing power to heal through the massive amount of damage, more often then not it turns into a slug fest among the players verbally. For example, one of the ranged DPS randomly pulls another pack and one of the others in the instance says “Hey, healer, you *$#^@ suck. Why did you let me die?” or something along the lines of “Tank, you suck” or whatever. Then the conversation goes no further. It sometimes comes to the tank, random DPS, or healer being kicked. For those of you that do that, it is a shame. Really. Player characters have names you know. At times it can be a complete shit show!

I know there are some players that do not really know how to play their class or they have picked the wrong class for themselves. I absolutely understand that and honestly, it is a valid point. I am not suggesting that a player give up on their toon either. What I am suggesting is for a player to spend the time learning the class they are working on and for the player base to give a player time to learn and be kind and try to use what you have to teach if you know about their class. Not be “that guy” and be rude.

This has been on my mind for a while and thank you for allowing me to spill my guts.

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