Warcraft Wednesday: 5 Favorite Warcraft Youtube Video’s!

Greetings my fellow Azerothian’s! As promised from the previous “Thursday Though’s” post, I am starting to do the Warcraft post that will challenge me. We are going to start with 10 of the best Warcraft related video’s.

I want to also be clear that these videos are in no particular order and this list is just my opinion. So If I left one of your favorites out, I do apologize! On that note, if there are a few videos that you do like that are not on this list, make suggestions to me! I will be more then happy in the future to make another post like this!

The first two videos are top 10’s from hirumaredx!


The next set is the lore story of Yrel by Nobbel!

The next video is from Hazel, she has similar videos in her line up that are from previous patch’s and expansions. They all are or were easy to understand and informative.

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