Thursday Thought’s: Topic Ideas!

As a blogger, at times, I run into an issue. More often then not the issue comes up as a couple articles that are just “updates” for the same or similar topics or just reacting to news that is big at the time. No matter what it is. Weather it falls into the MTG, Warcraft, or other gaming related things or covering music.

I want to challenge myself to do things slightly different. Not only to stand out from the rest, but to become better as a blogger. So, recently I sat down and gave it some thought. What do I want to wright about? What is it that will challenge me in a way that I would ultimately be proud of? I decided to start with my Warcraft post’s. In the next several Wednesday’s, other then my last post of the month that is dedicated to the following month’s special events on the calender, you will see something different.

I am really excited to give this a go and hopefully it is easy for you guys to read, and also be proud to share with your friends!

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Zephirah Zella

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