Warcraft Wednesday: Battle Pet Update!

The last time that we had updated the stats on my battle pet collection was on December 5. I want to keep my goal of collecting, and document the journey along the way! You can read the December post here as a reference!

At that time, I had six hundred and ninety two pets total and of those pets collected, one hundred and ninety nine at max level. Of all of the pets collected two pets at poor quality, seventeen at common quality, one hundred and seventy at uncommon quality, and a whopping five hundred and two at the rare quality.

Now, in January, my total pet count went up to seven hundred and nineteen pets, two hundred and 11 of them are at max level. Of those pets, one is at the poor quality bracket, twenty at common quality, one hundred and seventy are still at uncommon quality bracket, with five hundred and twenty three of the pets are at rare quality!

So that that tells you is that of the pets that I have collected, I have other caught them as rare’s or use the pet battle tokens that I have been receiving to upgrade them as soon as I can. By this time next month, other then the obvious, I would like to increase the number count a little further and move the common and poor pets out of that category and have them rare. I still have a bunch of work to do but I am looking forward to it.

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