Zephirah’s Musical Adventure: In The Dust!

Within the last few years of listening to a bunch of music, I have found that several of my favorite artist no longer record or preform music. I am always looking for music to listen to.

Honestly, I have fell in love with the two bands that I have featuring here. However, take a look and enjoy the music that is available!

  • Egypt Central: Founded in October 2002, quickly signed to a label after a year of recording. The second album titled “White Rabbit” released in December 2010 and after a two year tour the bassist and lead guitarist will no longer be continuing their run with the band. Shortly after, the band released an album they had worked on.
  • Art Of Chaos: An alternative rock band from California that toured extensively throughout the state. Every album they had released the band was not signed to a label. Their last album “Dream” was released in 2010. With a little bit of research, the lead vocalist and lead guitarist are the only members of the band currently and there are no signs of any new music being worked on.

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