Warcraft Wednesday: Bucket List revisited & recreated!

In 2018 I made huge strides to get to my goals. 2019 is screaming for a few simpler goals that are attainable for the year!

With that being said here are my goals in Warcraft in 2019!

  • Do as many world quest as I possibly can! So, if that means I can only do the 4 for the world quest daily, then I do 4. If I can do more – then do more. However, I at least want to meet the minimum of the daily turn in.
  • Keep Up with follower missions! Especially the ones that provide AP, gold, and Pet Tokens!
  • Mythic’s! At least attempt a mythic on a weekly basis.
  • Weekly Island Expeditions. It is a huge chunk of AP for minimal effort.
  • Other Classes At 120! I at least would like to have one or two other classes then my main to 120 for some flavor and for alt nights with the raid team! That also lends itself to having more chances on gathering pets around the world and older content to be run for mounts!
  • Weekly Old World Raids! There are a few mounts that I still am looking for in game after years and years of the raid being out. The Lich King is not so nice boys and girls. I would swear that mount really is invisible!
  • Pet Battles! (And collection!) I want to continue to work on and collect pets. It does not need to be daily; however, to give a stab at it once or twice a week for a little bit of time would be a great way to move forward in collecting and battle against other players.

So that is a few things that I was thinking about working on with Warcraft for 2019. What goals do you have for the year?

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