MTG Monday: 2019 Goal’s!

One of my favorite modern set’s with in Magic! The Gathering is Amonkhet. Other then the varying degrees of the Ajani planeswalker, Amonkhet has stolen my heart from the beginning of my journey with MTG.

My goal for 2019 for MTG is to round out my collection and gather a few cards for my white and red deck to have some choices and to modify the deck on the fly. I also am starting to pull a few ideas for a green deck as well. Amonkhet seems to be a good start.

By the summer, I want to be able to have done enough collecting and research to do a round of tournament’s. Nothing for money at this point but to at least get a feel for what I would be getting myself into.

I figure it this way, why not interact with the cards that made me fall in love with the game and have fun in the process!

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