Feature Friday: The Baby Buddhist!

Katie describes her blog, “The Baby Buddhist” as a release valve. As a way to tell her story about trying to start a family, her life as an athlete, and a public defender who likes to drop the f-bomb from time to time.

Glad to spend the time reading her journey via the blog that she had created!

Please, take the time to read her story as well.

Please visit “The Baby Buddhist”!


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Zephirah’s Adventure: Podcast, Episode 15!

Zephaniah’s Adventure Podcast: Episode 15 for December 21, 2018

In This episode: The final show for the year and year end blogging goals!

Also, What to expect for 2019!

The Adventure:

  • Where I have been
  • What to expect for next year

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Until next time, I hope your adventure is awesome!