Warcraft Wednesday: When It Is No Longer Fun!

At this point in my Warcraft play time that I have, I am not having as much fun as I would like to be. It is less about game design and more about where and how I want to spend my time in the game.

Warcraft, of course, has it’s minor issues. The player base has been vocal about the issues as well. Overall, it has been a hit or a miss for the vast majority. For me, Battle For Azeroth has been fun for what time I have spent with in the game, with the exception of my choice of a main. I have played a priest for the longest time and for the life-span of the character, RNG has not been great to her. Toss on top a 5% reduction of damage overall for shadow priest, not having the haste that she needs currently (due to not having drops in her favor), I have shifted to just doing World quest and whatever weekly that is available for the week.

Island expeditions, for as quick as they can be to plow through (2 hours tops to have it done for the week), is not holding me over.

I know what a lot of responses will be. Play holy. Honestly, that is my least favorite spec and I have not played discipline enough within the last year or more that I am horrifically out of practice.

So, a new class it is. Recently, I have been having a lot of fun with leveling Hunters or learning about the Demon Hunter class. I have not fell on what class I would like to continue with as of yet; however, I have options.

At this point, taking a few weeks off other then raiding is also an option.

Just a few thought’s I have had for this week, and I am thankful that Blizzard is continuing to create a game that I still enjoy.

On that note, I am going to level and come to a decision soon on what to main. Also I created a few goals for the month of January that includes increasing the gold flow, continuing to run world quest daily, run old world raids weekly, and to fill out my battle pet collection a little more by the end of the month.

Hopefully, I will be ready when the new raid drops on the 11th.

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