MTG Monday: Christmas came early!

Greetings fellow Magic! The Gathering players. I first wanted to start the blog post with the following disclaimer. This post is not sponsored by ‘Star City Games’ or any of their affiliates.

My last post I mentioned that I had purchased a gift for my younger brother and it came in on Tuesday of last week. 

When it came in I was super excited for him and my parents talked me into giving the gift early. Within the box is 1000 Magic! The Gathering cards. I was poking around Amazon and stumbled across it. (Click here for product on Amazon!)

Once I arrived, I knew what it was right away and was super excited. After a couple minuets, and some scheming. My parents and I called my little brother down from his room. We acted as if he was in trouble. The look on his face was hilarious. He really thought he was in trouble when he wasn’t. I told him to take the box out of the bag as we tell him what he was “in trouble” for. 

Once he opened the box and started to take some of the cards from the box, he realized it was a gift. The boy started to cry and asked how many cards was in the box. Once he figured it was 1000, he cried a little harder.

I am super glad he is going to get use from it. Hopefully our local store has a tournament soon so he can get involved.

So, boys and girls. If you are looking for a gift for your MTG fan in your life, this is worth the money.

Check it out here!

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