Thursday Though’s: Finding A Campaign?


So, it has been a while since I spent time in a campaign. At this point, I do not want to give up quite yet either.

With all the tools available, I do not think that I have spent enough time looking as of late. Holidays and life in general has offered up little time to find a group.

As of right now, It looks like I have the potential to be a part of a one shoot and a Warcraft themed game. I do not have a lot of detail’s on the Warcraft theme group as of yet other then it will be near the end of January.

The one shoot is also going to be sometime in January. Just not sure of a date.

Just as an fyi, the local game stores that are near me, do not provide a game night for D&D as of right now. It sucks.

So depending on how things work out in January, that will help me make a choice weather or not to DM a game for myself. If and when that will happen, I am not sure at this point. However, I will make an announcement on the blog after I reach out to the gaming communities I am a member of first.

Just a few though’s for you on this Thursday.

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