MTG Monday: I Am Excited!

On Saturday I have ordered a gift for my younger brother.

It is set to be here at some point throughout the day Tuesday. I am excited for it to get here. Once it arrives, I will be taking photo’s of everything and making a post about it after the holiday.

Yes, it is a MTG related gift. I have been leaving him hints and clues since I figured out what I was planning for the holiday shopping session I had this past weekend.

Not even exaggerating here to say I know once he receives it I know we are going to build a deck or two and have a blast playing. I have never been so excited to have my ass handed to me in a MTG game session before.

The only reason why I am being so secretive on what the gift is for him is because I know he reads the blog occasionally. I do not want to give anything away.

Just keep an eye out near the end of the month for further updates!

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