Thursday Thought’s: Thank You!

sceneThis week’s Thursday post is a little different because I wanted to spend the time thanking a few people!

First, you will see the images that are part of the post. An awesome reader of the blog, Reech, did the logo. Thank you for your hard work and providing it for me. I really love how it came out.

For Medros, Toasty, and Phandeth for allowing me to tag along in All Things Azeroth’s Blizzcon coverage and their show on Monday evening. Definitely catch the show on your favorite pod catcher of choice.

For everyone at Blizzard and all of their very hard work on the games I love, and for Blizzcon annually.

To my raid team, The Rubber Chicken Coalition. They took down G’huun the Tuesday before the con. I am super proud of them for all of their hard work and friendship.

To the readers of the blog, thank you for being here! May your adventure’s be awesome.

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