Blizzcon 2018: Merry Nerd-mas!


For those of you traveling, there at the con, or watching on the virtual ticket I hope you have a great time!

Be safe and see you on the flip side of the con!

Just as a reminder, I will be on All Things Azeroth on November 5th for a Blizzcon wrap up! You can catch any updates via the podcast twitter feed:

All Things Azeroth also records their show live in their discord server! Just click the link!

If you would like to talk more about Dungeon’s & Dragons, World Of Warcraft, MTG, books, TV, Movies, or any other topic please feel free to join the blog’s discord server!

Join The Community here:

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Zephirah Black

Pro coffee chugger, casual twitch viewer, bacon enthusiast, Rubber Chicken! Proud member of the CTR community! Supporter Of TWLOHA!

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