Book Of The Month: The Iron King!

6644117November’s book of the month is The Iron King by Julie Kagawa! This novel is the starter for the “Iron Fey” series about a young lady named Meghan Chase,  who finds herself drawn into the world of the Fey.

I read reviews about the book and the main character, Meghan, had her little brother taken and replaced with a changeling. She has an adventure and tries to find her brother.

I am super excited to get started on the book and it should be a great read. I will have a follow up review!

If you are interested in reading the book check your local library. My local library has an app that I can use to read the book via my kindle! If you would like to support the author, please purchase the book at the following links!

GoodReads: Click Here!

Amazon: Click Here!

Audible: Click Here!

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