Blizzcon 2018: Music Announced!

blizzcon music.JPG

So 2018’s Blizzcon musical act’s have been announced.

Train, Kristian Nairn (DJ) and Lindsey Stirling are the musicians playing this year. Yes, boys and girls, more then one act is going to attend and they will overlap. I do not have any issues with the artist themselves.

Just seems odd that all of them would be playing or doing their sets all at the same time.

However I also know people do not attend the con for the music.

Hate to say it boys and girls, the year 2002 called and they want their music back. Just seems odd to have a current major act in Stirling, who toured with Evanescence over the summer along side a DJ and a band that has not been the main focus for years. Just does not seem to fit.

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