MTG Monday: Where does the time go?

Magic-The-Gathering-card backWith all the things a person has to do for work, family, and various responsibilities I wonder where people find the time to play Magic! The Gathering.

This past weekend I fully intended to play a round of Magic with my younger brother. However, the schedule for the weekend did not allow for it.

Friday, I ran errand’s and picked up things for the house. Saturday my siblings and I participated in a walk for breast cancer that we attend annually. Later that evening the “Running Of The Gnomes” event in Warcraft took place. It also supports breast cancer. Both events are fun in their own way’s!

Sunday we had a party for our local “Miracle League” and the last few games of the season. I always have a good time with the kids and adults that the league helps via baseball. If you do not know what the “Miracle League” let me take a moment and explain. It is a baseball league that help’s children and young adults with mental and physical disabilities play the game of baseball. The players range with their disabilities but the league modifies how they approach each person. For example, blind players have a special ball that makes a noise that is pitched to them. They also have access to a buddy that will help them swing the bat and run the bases. It is a great cause. I love being involved with the league. Each child brings a smile to my face and they are all special to me in their own way.

The league take donations from individuals and various business’s to have the equipment they need. It also helps to make sure the field is up to par and safe for each of the kids to play. Locally, the Pittsburgh Pirates has their charity that donates and it is a big help. I wanted to say thank you to the Pirate’s for what they do for the kids. It is so great that they donate.

So basically, for what it is worth, at times missing some time to play Magic, other things can make someone’s day. Take the time to help other people. It makes more of a difference then what you think it does.

My adventure this weekend was amazing and hopefully your weekend was filled with things that also made you happy.

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