Thursday Thoughts: Blog & Stuff!

Zeph WhiteSo, I was looking through the past post on the blog and it looks like a few topic’s fell away.

I would like to bring some of those topic’s back.

For example, the last Wednesday of the month I would usually post a Warcraft “Whats going on in Azeroth” and would list all the in game events for the following month. The other post that I have not kept up with is the “Book Of The Month” Post. I have been reading things via my kindle but I just have not posted about it in a while.

I essentially am calling myself out and trying to figure out why those post fell to the wayside.

I am going to always work on improving the blog to the best of my ability and thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read the content. Weather it is via a like, comment, or a retweet of the post on twitter.

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