Thursday Thought’s: Why do online D&D campaign’s fail?


I am looking for a new D&D group.

The last group that I was a part of, for a small story on what happened, the biggest issue was that life happened. Everyone was (for those of us that shown up for the few sessions that we did have) very nice and we made some headway into the campaign. The Dungeon Master is very nice and knowledgeable. I honestly have nothing bad to say about anyone or anything that had happened. At times, life has a different thing for you to pay attention to. I am not angry with anyone that was intended to be a part of the group either. Stuff just happens.

For as crappy as the situation is, it got me thinking. Why do online Dungeon & Dragon’s campaign’s fail?

Yes, I do believe that the group failed. We had an inconsistent time frame between sessions, players (who had things come up in their life and honestly that you can not be mad at them!) that did not show, and for lack of a better term we as character player’s are noobs. The intent of this particular group was to go through a dungeon crawl type of campaign and to learn mechanical ways to get through the fights in a better way. It did not lend itself to much RP; however, the interaction between the players was very good.

For as much as I would have loved for this to work out it just was not in the cards. For as inconstant as it was, I am still very happy with the short interactions that we had as a group. I honestly did and still do like the DM and the players I did interact with. Do I wish we had communicated more? Sure. Do I wish that we as a group that could have made it to sessions on a more consistent basis had a say on how this ended or continued? Yes!

For what it is worth, I did some digging around the Internet and from what I had found, other then general douchbaggery, the biggest issue that I have seen for groups and campaign’s that have failed is communication.

Weather something was changed by a DM or a player just trying to do the best for their characters that they needed to speak to their DM to change – talking about it seems to have been the biggest issue.

I know what a few of you are going to ask. Why not find a place locally that runs a game and jump on the chance and play in person? I would if there were games in session. However with the lack of interest or inconsistencies with scheduling at this point it just is not feasible for them to run a game currently.

So, I am bummed but I understand that life just happens.

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