MTG Monday: The Price Is Right?

Magic-The-Gathering-card backRecently I was on Facebook poking around and stumbled upon their marketplace section. Out of curiosity, I searched for MTG cards.

I did not find a lot of entries; however, the few entries that popped up were interesting. One of the entries listed was a few boxes full of them listed for a dollar. Looks like the guy is really wanting to get rid of them but it also looks like the guy has been collecting for longer then I have been alive. So, there is no way to pull a fast one on an grandmother trying to get things out of her basement.

Other entries listed were similar. With the exception of a few cards being listed for varying prices.

Question is, with my collection being “newer” how would I know I am not being swindled? Or are the listed items actually a good deal?

It is hard to tell from the internet unless you actually talk to the seller. Even then, it could go really good or really badly.

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